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Me and My Money
Me and My Money - Canadian Money

Money in Canada – Money Canada Limited has created a concept traditional with the keyword “money” and an online destination place the equals the  investment marketplace.  MONEY has always been a very important keyword and always will be. MONEY is more organized as a company and philosophy and subscribes to be profitable by way of promoting “Financial Literacy” through Social Media.

Everyone has heard of money and by now everyone has heard of social media in part and still do not rightfully acknowledge what they don’t fully understand yet. The one good thing is that MONEY does understand that t is  part and parcel and necessary for payback.  Companies are starting to relate to social media as we explain the new concept of “The Social Currency” its how gets paid for facilitating the communication between people, products and services.  The big companies will pay for all the small good ideas that allow for a more even playing field. Money in Canada engages all people in one form or another, the mediums we use best describe The MONEY Vertical. Money in Canada attracts and retains all of the right target markets for all of the right reasons.

James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)