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Canadian Money News and Money Canada have come up with a great new “LogoStrat” meaning a smart new strategy and a creative and vibrant logo that says exactly what it means.  Money isn’t everything but is does mean many different things to many different people. MONEY you love it or hate, you need it even if you despise it and the thought of it. While other just love it, want it and covet it somehow the new saying “bling” has always been around along as people, rulers and royalty leveraged something more than just mite.

MONEY for us at is important both in meaning, print and online and providing timely relevant news and information takes a dedication that we are committed to. MONEY News has a new logo and it means business, it means finance, it means commerce and it says “invest with confidence”. MONEY by design has 3 powerful layers of online financial content. “Me and My Money” is a well-written personal finance  Super-blog powered by and pays to follow for your local economy and wallet share. “You and Your Money” not just another blog a Canadian financial, writer, author, blogger perspective with unedited straight talk on personal finance, new prouducts and services.

MONEY News combines a strong focus on Personal Finance with the strongest business media prescence on the Internet today. The next level of website and marketing push is now ready to be revealed; perhaps the first of its kind built at the right time for all the right reasons.

MONEY Media – and media giants like are working together with MONEY to get the financial news and information out to where it naturally belongs.  Today collaboration is the keyword to get news and information out to the right intended target audience. Top media companies rely on MONEY to get all their new to all the right target markets, a purposefully built online destination place for Canadians concerned about their finances look for answers, ideas and advice.  MONEY is “financial content” and naturally our business is selective “financial advertising” and at the same time due to our excellent online prescience and media prowess we take advantage of our ability promote “Financial Literacy”. is celebrating the fact that as an important and critical keyword we have worked hard to bring in the MONEY and financial news from the humble beginnings of a small newsletter to a niche and darling company that has all respect and favour in business and charity. MONEY News is moving to the next level of its vertical growth and is re-creating the entire site to be a complete financial news site which will give MONEY greater reach in Canada and the world for all the right reasons.  MONEY – – MONEY News stay tuned; coming soon…


James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)