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MONEY means a lot of thing to a lot of people in Canada – MONEY.CA is the online destination and investment market place  where investors come to inquire and shop, advisors come to know and financial product and service companies come to get the best “dollar cost advertising” for their content and advertising needs.  MONEY is online and with its strong newsletter and full 4 color process MONEY Magazine making a strong tandem while our intellectual properties and capabilities demonstrate leadership in social media with the creation of  “The Social Currency” along with niche financial content and advertising opportunities.

MONEY chooses seek out new financial products and services in the Canadian marketplace, we like to look at products and services by first understanding them and being able to further investigate their natural benefits and also their draw backs.  MONEY didn’t choose  “Financial Advertising” as a business it chose us. MONEY being an important keyword that in Canada alone may be searched over 100,000 times per month by Canadians.

Being a the top of counts for the lion share of search traffic. MONEY enjoys top ranking in Canada on and yahoo including Microsoft’s . We are number one where we want to be; although things change the importance of money will not. And as long as we are keeping up with latest wants and needs of this machine called the Internet then we can clearly get our well-though out messages and simple plans for Canadians to make, saver or preserve more money.

So we are getting hooked up at it takes a lot of hard work to be a top 100 destination site in Canada. MONEY being the keyword makes it easier on the out set but very much harder to maintain in reality. MONEY has created those intangible relationships that were the cause and celebration of good hard work, doing the right thing at the right time never was a priority and stumbling upon a time where social media became the new standard of communications and you know they were thinking of even more to do while the rest of us were sleeping.

The Internet is here and the bubble is long since gone and other threats are always abound. The Web has out-grown the infancy stage; now can we raise the child properly.  MONEY accidentally doing the right thing at the right time thinks so!.

MONEY.CA a keyword in definition and in meaning and most of all literally it means something of significance both online and in person.  MONEY is able to create many layers of good and meaningful layers of financial content to meet the needs of many Canadians and more in remote or under-serviced areas.  Financial Literacy is our one and most important social cause; perhaps because we deem ourselves in the best position to do so, straddling a line where business payback in education only to their future investors, shareholders, stakeholders and communities.  MONEY uniquely has the ability to take long-term so our strong foundation is built on education. The more and better we communicate to all of those who want and need to know the better our “Society” becomes with a higher standard of living.