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Me and My Money® the newest super blog communication tool by MONEY.CA that completes the 3 layers of financial content needed to be inclusive to truly be an online investment market and social media platform. Me and My Money is an editors personal perspective on personal finance and the local economy full of value that makes, saves and preserves more money.

MONEY.CA/MONEY represents all the news, information and latest North American data with comprehensive connection to and with top world-class media organizations like and MONEY Media enjoys the exclusive use of press and media access from top media agencies to promote MONEY: personal finance and financial literacy in Canada.

You and Your Money® – MONEY.CA the online Investment Marketplace is proud to bring everyone together by way of  “money” the original social media and the social currency we all have in common. You and Your Money is not just a saying or motto it is a blog, but not just any blog it is the third important of financial content and perspective that is required when reporting the straight goods on personal finance. the Top Canadian Financial Writers, Authors and Bloggers have joined forces to tell more Canadians important information about wealth and financial literacy.  You and Your Money is not asking what investors have done with their money but rather the perspective of financial professionals and advisors suggesting what investors ought to do with their money.

Canadians – Financial Literacy = Poverty Sucks

Financial Literacy

The new effective campaign name for Financial Literacy is here. “POVERTY SUCKS”

MONEY.CA  Powered by “You and Your Money”  brings you a stream of  MONEY Video and Market Update by the Canadian Press news, information and insight brought to you by Canada’s most trusted name in online news.  Before the Bell –  Opening Market – Midday Markets and After the Bell news and newsflashes all less than a minute and a half. You get what you need: often updated , frequently re-freshed and relevant news delivered quickly and on time.  MONEY.CA online and MONEY Magazine have the same high standards to deliver the money news and fianncial information to the Canadian investor how and when they want it, online blogs, audio, video and in print publication full 4 color process Magazine and Newsletter.

MONEY news, information and education: how it should be. In the fight against poverty MONEY will make in roads, maps and highways to children, students, the investing public and new Canadian immigrants to forward the saving, making and preserving money philosophies toward wealth and riches. The new campaign has to be strong a meaningful and get the attention of those target markets that definitely overspend and have unreliable savings or ability to control spending.  It is often said the youth don’t know anything about money and with clear and conscious study it is a fact children, students and youth in Canada know nothing or very little about the value of it, how to make it and how to keep it. The new campaign has to be in your face to even try to get the attention it truly deserves. It has to be made sexy at least in terms of re-action that may lead to action.

MONEY will try to attract and retain the attention of an unwanting youth or an un-interested adult.  Above and beyond what we do with MONEY.CA and MONEY Magazine, newsletter and blog we have created online tools and interactive technology to engage the target market and future particapants of Canada’s capital markets and consumers of financial services.  There really is no better reward than money, no rewards or point system can be better than getting a deep discount, money off or money refunded or rebated to you. Its the start of some idea and concept of incentive that keep them interested and coming back for more.

A mutual fund contest is just one of those things that could teach, interact and benefit an individual or a contestant.  Regardless if you are a new immigrant, youth, handy investor or professional advisor we can all learn a lot and teach a lot with a fair competition that challenges everyone individual to interact to learn more and acheive more.  The knowledge and information base alone are well worth it, the money up for grabs by individual catergory sums it up by saying up t0 $10,000.00 up for grabs…You Can Win!

Imagine that a simple mutual fund contest online could calm the nerves of a society that is quite concerned almost alarmed at the level of financial knowledge Canadians have on average; pretty low!. Lets take what weve got and turn it into something great.  The Mutual Fund Contest with real money for reward, patience intellegence and careful portfolio planning to make as much money as you can over the contest to call yourself a winner in one of 4 categories.  Get them where they live and that is online and on there wireless device, yes a mutual fund contest available as an app – wow a downloadable Mutual Fund Contest why not after MONEY has just finished creating the first Top 10 Mutual Funds List. Top 10 mutual funds in 53 Mutual Fund Categories and the 10 Major Asset Classes and finally the Top 10 Mutual Fund List overall.

We can do it! ok who’s with us; or are we all by ourselves. Advertise, prompt and promote education, a competition and challenge that anyone can join in and particpate.  What can you do beside joining can you get others interested, individuals groups, classrooms; tell the world! Ok Canadians only.

Back Office

Back Office Software
Back Office

Back Office Canada

Growth in the mutual fund industry has slowed down substantially, and for dealers to succeed in the highly competitive industry, they must focus on improving their technology, back office and financial planning support offerings, a recent study suggests.

Chuck Grace, a lecturer at the Richard Ivey School of Business and a management consultant with Fusion Consulting, presented results on Monday of a recent study by Fusion Consulting, a firm that focuses on investment fund distribution in Canada.

The study, completed in June, surveyed 12 mutual fund dealers and 20,000 advisors, covering 70% of the assets governed by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada.

It found that advisors were largely satisfied with their dealers’ offerings in the areas of products, support, compensation, compliance and stability. These are all critically important offerings, most of which are correlated with asset growth and distribution network growth, and firms must continue to keep advisors satisfied in these areas to survive in the industry, according to Grace.

“You’ve just got to have it to keep up,” he said, speaking at the Univeris 2010 Summit in Toronto.

The advisors surveyed were less impressed with their dealers’ technology, front office and back office offerings.

“Technology, back office and front office appear to be the weak part of the equation,” Grace said. “The advisors are saying they’re not getting all the value they need from those three areas.”

On the front office side, he said advisors are particularly unimpressed with financial planning support from their dealers.  “No one’s doing a great job on financial planning,” he said. “No one’s delivering a lot of value or executing, and you’re all doing it the same way.”

He noted that many dealers leave the financial planning process up to advisors, in an effort to provide each advisor with flexibility in their approach. But advisors are now asking for more support.

This is one area where dealers should innovate to set themselves apart, according to Grace. “There’s an opportunity to differentiate your practice, your dealership and your advisors in the marketplace.”

Fund industry slows down

Differentiation in the industry has become critical as growth as slowed down. Fusion’s study found that mutual fund dealers experienced very little growth in net sales, distribution network growth and market share growth in the 12 months ending June 30th.

“Top line growth has stalled, and I don’t see it changing,” Grace said. “I don’t see double-digit top-line growth in your futures – not within the existing mutual fund dealership model.”

He said investment returns will decline in the years ahead, which will limit asset growth for the industry.

“Assets are going to be pretty flat by the standards that some of us grew up with in the 80s and 90s.”

Growth in the industry’s distribution network has also slowed down. And with many advisors preparing to retire in the next few years, the distribution base could begin to shrink.

Grace pointed out that the only dealers that experienced growth in their advisor networks in the past year were firms that hire rookie advisors.

“If you’re looking to grow your firm on the backs of seasoned veterans, I can’t find any evidence that it’s working,” he said.

In order for dealers to grow in this challenging environment, Grace said they should look beyond mutual funds to stocks, exchange traded funds, insurance and other products.

“If you want to grow your top line, you’re going to have to get out from underneath mutual funds,” he said. “If you don’t have access to it all, you’ve handcuffed yourself to a 2% industry. You’ve got to get beyond that if you want to see some double-digit change in your business.”

Megan Harman

Canadian Money Reader for the blind and visually challenged

More Than Meets the Eye Scenario You think nothing of it when you run out to the convenience store to buy a litre of milk. You hand over a $5 bill, pocket the change, and head home. Now imagine that you live with significant vision loss. Getting to the store is one thing, paying for the milk is another. How will you know the $5 from a $20 in your wallet? And would you be comfortable relying on a stranger for help? This is the challenge faced by well over 800,000 Canadians whose vision loss cannot be corrected using ordinary lenses. And with an aging population, the number of affected Canadians is expected to double in the coming years[1]. The Bank of Canada recognizes that the blind and partially-sighted need bank notes that are easy to identify, and is committed to making cash more accessible for this growing segment of the population. Did You Know? The Bank takes blind and partially-sighted Canadians into account when designing bank notes, and has developed a suite of features to assist this community with independent living. Accessibility features are designed to do just that—make cash accessible to the blind and partially-sighted. That means that bank notes can be differentiated either by touch, sight, or electronic signal. Touch On our current Canadian bank notes (with the metallic stripe) you may have noticed the raised dots in the top right corner. This tactile feature is made up of sets of six raised dots. The number and position of these impressions vary depending on the denomination. For example, one set of dots means it’s a $5, and two sets represent a $10, and so on. You might think this system is Braille, but it’s not. It was developed with the help of blind and partially-sighted Canadians because research indicated that not all potential users read Braille. Sight For those with low vision, large high-contrast numbers appear on both sides of the notes. On the front you’ll find a dark number on a light background, and on the back there is a white number against a dark background. This makes the numbers stand out and easier to identify. Those with healthy eyesight take the vibrant colours used on our notes for granted, but they also help identify the denominations. We don’t need to read the printed ‘50’ to know that a red note is a $50 and a purple one’s a $10. Electronic Signal The bank note reader is a hand-held device into which you insert the edge of a bill to determine its worth. It was implemented by the Bank as a handy tool for the blind and partially-sighted to identify notes through machine-readable codes. It works in one of three ways: it talks (in English or French), it signals different sounds (for each denomination), or it vibrates to identify each note’s value. Moving Forward When a new series of bank notes is launched, you may think that it’s only about improved security. It’s about more than that. It’s about making continuous improvements and designing notes that all Canadians can rely on and use with confidence. In addressing the needs of those living with blindness or partial vision, the Bank’s goal is to make it easier for them to complete cash transactions with ease. There really is more to our money than meets the eye. Canada’s Bank Note Reader The reader is distributed at no charge by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) to assist people living with vision loss. To order the reader, contact the CNIB at 1 866 659-1843 or email October is Eye Health Month This national public awareness campaign highlights the importance of eye health and regular eye exams. Visit for more information. For more information and free training tools: 1 888 513-8212

Investment MarketPlace

MONEY has taken over the Toronto Star regular feature in the Business Section; for years this long standing tradition and highly respected print media brand has simply been taken over by the new online brand of MONEY.CA quietly takes off from where traditional print media advertising had its limit. MONEY.CA and MONEY Magazine get the best of both worlds by combining it’s branding sense for a more important goal of getting the message out by any means possible. MONEY Media-. says do both.

Microsoft Money Canada Final Activation Date

Microsoft Money Plus will not be available for purchase after June 30, 2009. All purchased Money Plus products must be activated prior to Jan. 31, 2011. Click here for additional information. 

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