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    Archive for 'Finance'

    MONEY.CA is highly ranked on yahoo google bing and youtube and is popular with social media, Canadian financial consumers and is a favorite of The Advisor Channel. MONEY represents Canadian money at the highest level. MONEY online is the destination place for the average Canadian who needs to make, save and preserve more of their […]

    Free Andex Chart Offer with MONEY.CA

    Andex Chart – Free – Current 2014 Canadian Andex Chart Handout

    Financial advertising, marketing and sales without the 56% google inefficiency.

    Google admits that advertisers wasted their money on more than half of internet ads By Online advertising is a fickle thing. It accounts for 20% of the ad industry’s total spending, and over 90% of revenue for the internet giants Google and Facebook. That said, no one seems to have any idea whether it […] Official Site:Best Rate Around

    GIC Rates : the online destination place for the best rate around.  Guaranteed Investment Certificates. The Canadian GIC Market is worth over 730 billion and is a money maker for top banks.  A recent study shows that the average account is worth over $60,000.00 and the majority of assets are with big banks at low […]

    Seneca College – School of Money

    Seneca College – makes the money list and one of the top grossing enrollment colleges in Ontario and even Canada. 70,000 part-time and full time student registrations. Not your Grandfathers night school Seneca is mainstream and hi-tech with programs that make practical sense. Learn more…

    Weekend Money “OPEN SUNDAYS”

    A potential client recently said he had no money in the budget for any sort of  advertising but asked how the markets were. I wasted no time and quipped it depends how your marketing is. Everyone somewhere is doing great, really well, better than expected or tell you the truth business sucks. At this point […]

    How do you eat an elephant? Book Review

    How do you eat an elephant? it sounds like a joke, originally an idiom and also a bible reference it has found a home made famous by Frank Wiginton. Any way you think of it “HOW TO EAT AN ELEPHANT” is now the definitive in Canadian personal finance. A step-by-step guide that tells a series of stories that anyone can relate to and reveals the punch line “One bite at a time” to teach the lesson and learning outcome of wealth and success.

    Ian Whiting Senior Editor of Money Magazine carefully reads and reviews “HOW TO EAT AN ELEPHANT” by Frank Wiginton published by Wiley and Sons. Learn more about this important Canadian personal finance book, read the review and see the author video interview, get the information and buy this book!

    Quebecor saves money $45 million annually with Sun Media Restructuring

    Sun Media Corporation announced Tuesday a restructuring initiative expected to result in over $45 million in annual savings. The moves, which include the closure of production facilities in Ottawa and Kingston, include the elimination of nearly 500 positions across the organization. “This restructuring is regrettable but warranted by changes in our industry which force us […]

    Week-end Money Update – August 31, 2012

    The Toronto stock market registered a solid gain amid signs of Canadian economic growth and U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke kept the door open for another round of economic stimulus.  The S&P/TSX composite index rose 63 points to 11,949..  The Canadian dollar closed up 67-100ths to 101.45 cents US as Statistics Canada said gross […]

    Apple Juice – Samsung ordered to pay 1 Billion in Damage

    Apple Juice – Samsung ordered to pay 1 Billion in Damages – Apple claims Samsung has copied and pasted its technology. Samsung a top South Korean electronics giant says Apple used its wireless technology without proper compensation.