Apple Juice – Samsung ordered to pay 1 Billion in Damage

Apple submitted the list after a jury found Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad in creating and marketing the products.

The products are:

Galaxy S 4G
Galaxy S2 AT&T
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S2 T-Mobile
Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
Galaxy S Showcase
Droid Charge
Galaxy Prevail

A judge will decide the issue later.

Apple claimed in a sweeping lawsuit that Samsung’s smartphones and computer tablets “slavishly copied” the iPhones and iPads. Samsung countered with its own claims that Apple used its wireless technology without proper compensation. Etch-a-Sketch should be in a great position to sue Apple and Samsung as the original tablet maker after the 10 commandments were written in stone.

A nine-person jury in its verdict last week unanimously agreed with Apple and ordered Samsung to pay $1 billion. Most of the damages were tied to Samsung’s smartphones. It rejected Samsung’s counterclaims.

The award represents about 1.5% of Samsung’s annual revenue. Analysts said the embarrassment of the verdict is a bigger blow for Samsung than the financial setback.

Still, the question remains whether Samsung and other Apple competitors will have to redesign their smartphones to avoid infringing Apple’s patents. Most analysts agree the verdict sends a threatening message to device makers like Samsung who use Google’s Android operating system.

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Apple Jumps 2.7 points to reach Purple Chip status at 621 billion

Apple is the biggest company in the world now trumping a record set in 1999 by Microsoft – Apple has surpassed and and all expectations to reach a capitalization of over 620 billion.

Apple has the  support of the people and shareholders and set to reach even greater heights with new product launches coming up and a sharp focus on innovation to now maintain and grow this self-perpetuating money making machine.

Apple stock hit new highs  and jumped 2.7% on optimism surrounding  the impending launch of the iPhone 5 and a better small and cheaper iPad in time for Christmas.

Microsoft would still hold the record if the numbers were adjusted for inflation.

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