Best Rate Around ®

Buying a home is probably one of the largest single purchase decisions you are going to make, and how you finance it will have a lasting impact on you and your family.

At MONEY®, our Research Department has the latest news, insights, and statistics relating to the real estate, mortgage and economic markets. We also have direct, on-line access to over 30 different lenders, including banks and trust companies. We may even have a lower rate available from your own bank than one they would offer you directly.

Our priority is helping home buyers and owners negotiate better deals. You can always go through the unpleasant experience of shopping from bank to bank or you can rest assured knowing that we can help you get the Best Rate Around®, as well as terms and conditions that are customized to your needs.

In the past, most consumers were concerned only with interest rates. Today, there are so many other considerations when dealing with a mortgage such as terms, portability, privileges and penalties.

We are in the people business: we'll help every step of the way, whether you are buying your first home, transferring your mortgage to get a better rate or looking to refinance your existing mortgage under more favorable terms.

We never charge a fee to arrange a mortgage on standard, qualified applications. The mortgage lenders pay us for sending them qualified mortgage clients. You are not obligated to accept any mortgage offer unless you are completely satisfied with the rate and all terms and conditions, which will always be provided to you in writing and thoroughly explained. In those unique situations where applications fall outside of standard mortgage approval guidelines there may be a fee charged.

Costs associated with arranging a mortgage - if any - will be fully disclosed during the credit approval process.

To arrange a free consultation call MONEY® at (905) 475-0000 or e-mail us.