BRW Safety & Supply Is Excited to Stock Must-Have CPR Microkey

BRW Safety & Supply Is Excited to Stock Must-Have CPR Microkey

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SANTA ANA, Calif., May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – According to the CPR Headquarters over 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the United States per year, out of which 70% happen inside homes. 90 percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest die prior to reaching a hospital or medical care facility.

It turns out that cardiac arrests are not uncommon medical emergencies in the US. When it occurs, whether at home or in the workplace only about 20 percent of Americans are equipped to perform CPR during a medical emergency situation, according to an AHA Study.

The survival chances of a victim if a bystander does not perform CPR will decrease 7% in every single minute of delay.

BRW Safety & Supply has spent over 40 years offering products that help maintain a safe work environment and beyond.  “When we looked at the scary stats of Americans who could have been saved by an effective CPR, we decided to stock the MDI CPR Microkey to help anyone anywhere save lives in case of emergencies. This is part of our safety mission that we have been committed to for over 40 years,” said Christopher Gallagher, the CEO of BRW Safety & Supply.

It is this mission that has led the company to partner with Medical Devices Inc to add the MDI CPR Microshield MicroKey Rescue Breather to its array of quality safety products.

BRW’s CPR Microkey can help bystanders, coworkers and family members easily perform CPR on victim to save lives.

BRW Safety & Supply hopes that every workplace and home first aid kit is equipped with the CPR Microkey to ensure heart attack victims receives the required oxygen concentration of 20 to 21 percent to stay alive.

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Interprefy Launches WebMeet to Provide Intelligent Real Time Interpreting for Multi-hub and Virtual Meetings


Interprefy Launches WebMeet to Provide Intelligent Real Time Interpreting for Multi-hub and Virtual Meetings

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FRANKFURT, Germany, May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Interprefy, the flexible and scalable remote simultaneous interpreting platform for meetings anywhere, anytime, announces the general availability of its latest product, WebMeet, to provide intelligent real time interpreting for multi-hub and virtual meetings.

WebMeet facilitates remote simultaneous interpreting for multi-hub and virtual meetings so that participants can listen and engage in the language of their choice. WebMeet allows users to run meetings in as many locations and with as many presenters as needed. There is no limit to the number of languages that can be offered.

Interprefy works with leading language service providers to ensure customers benefit from the best quality interpreting. Interpreters with expertise in a particular industry or area can be sourced at short notice.

“Interprefy WebMeet is ideal for any organisation that runs meetings between different regions. Our early users have included teams within corporates and international organizations, who have found WebMeet useful for providing multi-hub presentations, group discussions and negotiations,” said Andrey Schukin, chief technology officer at Interprefy.

WebMeet’s classroom function ensures that meetings run smoothly and are well moderated, by muting meeting participants when they are not speaking. Meanwhile, once users select their preferred language, they will hear the interpreter in the foreground with the speaker’s voice faintly in the background. WebMeet’s raised hand functionality ensures no one is left out of the meeting and that the meeting moderator can see who would like to speak next.

About Interprefy

Swiss-based Interprefy AG has revolutionized interpreting. Its powerful cloud-based platform can provide remote simultaneous interpreting for one-to-one meetings, roundtables, corporate events and large-scale conferences, in as many languages as required.

The user-friendly platform allows interpreters to work remotely and participants to use their smartphones as receivers by downloading the dedicated app. Because interpreters need not travel and no AV equipment and interpretation booths are needed on-site, cost savings compared to conventional interpreting technology are substantial.

Interprefy has worked closely with event organisers across the world at some of the largest trade shows and conferences to supply remote simultaneous interpreting in numerous languages. Users can appoint their own interpreters, use an agency or alternatively they can gain access to some of the best language specialists in the world as part of Interprefy’s own language service.

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MASHstudios Expands READYMADE Office Line with Durable, Modern Sit/Stand Desk & Wall System Solutions


MASHstudios Expands READYMADE Office Line with Durable, Modern Sit/Stand Desk & Wall System Solutions

High-quality, custom-level design now available to businesses of all sizes looking to create functional, scalable and attractive workspaces

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NEW YORK, May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – ICFF 2018 — MASHstudios, the premier workspace furniture studio that designs and produces cutting-edge, tailored solutions, is expanding its READYMADE collection of office furnishings with the new COCO sit/stand desk and KINNEY wall system – continuing to offer the craftsmanship and style of its custom builds at-scale and quick-to-order for workplaces of any size.

MASHstudios' KINNEY wall system

Today’s workforce expects flexible work environments, where surfaces can cater to their changing needs and comfort levels. With that in mind, the COCO sit/stand desk converts to someone’s preferred height in just ten seconds via lifting columns that they can control with an inlayed button. COCO is outfitted with a steel frame and Baltic birch plywood core, with tackable cork panels for tagging materials, comprised only of honest materials like all MASHstudios products – shirking plastic and composites so often found in many of today’s furniture solutions. These materials not only exhibit MASH’s commitment to quality, but create the foundation for functional, lasting products.

In addition, the COCO desk has six total electrical outlets with a custom coiled cord to prevent dangling wires, and has a surface-embedded Qi wireless station – maximizing employees’ mobility and efficiency. COCO comes in 48″ and 60″ lengths for configurations of anywhere from two to 10 people.  

Whether employees need to collaborate, or bury their heads in a project – the KINNEY wall system offers an easy, versatile option for defining space without sacrificing style. Made with a plywood frame wrapped in a variety of felt fabric options, the upholstered structure exhibits soft corners but sturdy angles for spatial dividing. KINNEY’s built-in acoustic panels and dual-sided wool felt absorb sound, while offering tacking ability for easy multitasking, giving workers the privacy they need while aiding in overall sound buffering. KINNEY has a contoured shape, comprised of a bullnosed edge and heavy rounded corners, and comes in “L,” “Wall,” and “Serpentine” configurations to fit any workplace. As a free-standing structure, individuals can easily move the system to create dynamic nooks and spaces.

“At MASH, we want to help companies create a brand language through the look and feel of their workspaces – the materials they use and the unique design that helps convey their personality,” said Bernard Brucha, Founder and Principal of MASHstudios. “We think this should be available to brands of all sizes, and our READYMADE line means we can deliver high-quality, flexible and custom style to accommodate any budget.”

The READYMADE Collection’s curated, evolving portfolio is comprised of workstation designs in a variety of bench, desk and table configurations. It joins MASHstudios’ broad suite of commercial and residential furniture solutions, offering a custom feel at a smaller scale and cost. A truly creative design studio, MASHstudios has pushed the boundaries by engineering and designing custom furniture solutions and office spaces for flagship brands such as Google, Facebook, Tinder, HBO and Amazon. For more information, please visit

All KINNEY options are currently available to order with six week expected delivery, and COCO desks will begin shipping in July 2018. For pricing information, please contact MASHstudios. These and other READYMADE office solutions are made to order from a range of modern finishes, manufactured in the U.S. and ship worldwide.

MASHstudios will be on-site in New York at ICFF 2018 from May 20-23 at booth #745 where COCO, KINNEY and other exciting products will be on display.

About MASHstudios

Founded in 2002 by Bernard Brucha, MASHstudios is a multi- disciplinary LA-based design firm that combines award-winning design and engineering experience with local manufacturing capabilities to challenge the status quo of modern design. MASHstudios’ philosophy focuses on client-centered service, acute attention to detail, and consistent use of innovative forms and materials, all with the goal of creating timeless design.

Contact: Patrick Thornton



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