Chalice Farms Teams With Artisan Food And Beverage


Chalice Farms Teams With Artisan Food And Beverage

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PORTLAND, Ore., April 28, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Innovation has always been the hallmark of leadership and Chalice Farms has teamed-up with two other Portland Oregon companies, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Fire On The Mountain by combining their specialties to create two new masterpiece cannabis-infused edibles; a ‘Dark Chocolate Mocha’ bar and a ‘Raspberry Habanero Cannabis Truffle.’

In the creation of its Dark Chocolate Mocha bar, Chalice Farms has paired an exquisitely rich dark chocolate with Stumptown Coffee Roasters finest crushed coffee beans, resulting in a decadently rich tasting and perfectly balanced bittersweet combo worthy of any chocolate aficionado. The zesty zing in the mouthwatering Chalice Farms Raspberry Habanero Cannabis Truffle is courtesy of Fire On The Mountain’s secret habanero sauce, which is a key ingredient in their tasty buffalo wings.

Since the roll-out of Chalice Farms line of gourmet cannabis-infused edibles, which include truffles, gummies and chocolate bars, the demand has overwhelmed their gourmet confectionery kitchen. Headed by master-chef Danielle Henyon and her amazing team of Portland’s top culinary talent, the Chalice Farms confectionery kitchen produces the finest cannabis-infused edibles on the market anywhere in the world, and use only the purest THC oil, without the cannabis taste. This is only made possible by the Chalice Farms cannabis extraction process, which utilizes state-of-art science and technology. Finally, Chalice Farms uses only natural ingredients and no artificial additives in all of their truffles, chocolates, and gummies.

Of course with a dedicated commitment to excellence in serving its clients and their tastes, it’s no-wonder that Chalice Farms took home the ‘2017 Oregon Cannabis Store of the Year’ award at the second annual Dope Industry Awards in Portland, OR. This award is the tenth win for Chalice Farms, in a string of victories. Additional honors include the 2016 Dope Industry Awards in three categories, the 2016 and 2015 Dope Cup in four categories, and the 2015 Oregon Medical Marijuana Cup in two categories.

About Chalice Farms:

Based in Portland, Oregon, Chalice Farms provides superior award-winning products and customer service using an environmentally sustainable business model. Chalice Farms strives to collaborate with other leading companies, who are also dedicated to their craft, with a local vibe and roots in Oregon. Integral to these partnerships is a shared vision of community and sustainability in providing quality products and service to their communities.

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Dr. Maura Marks Touts the Merits of Modern Hearing Aids

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 28, 2017

People are starting to accept that hearing aids can be helpful and are not just for older people. “Wearing a hearing aid doesn’t have the stigma it had when great-grandpa wore his hearing aids years ago,” said Dr. Maura Marks, founder of Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston, in a NALA North American Speaker Series (NASS) segment. “He probably wore an iPod-size hearing aid on his body with wires running down from his ears. We have really come a long way since those days. The devices worn were large to accommodate the large batteries and transistors inside.”

In fact, thanks to computer technology, hearing aids today are much smaller and more stylish, and most are not even visible. However, there are still other misconceptions about hearing aids. For example, people tend to focus on price and assume the best place to go is one of the big box stores.

“Many people don’t realize that hearing aids may require reprogramming and other adjustments, as well as repairs,” noted Dr. Marks. “Consumers should look to develop a relationship with a hearing healthcare professional because you will probably have that hearing aid for around 3-5 years. Think about your desk or laptop computer and how many times you’ve required support or service over the same period of time. Another important consideration is that hearing loss needs to be monitored over time, which may require that adjustments be made to the hearing aid fitting.”

Research supports the “use or lose it” concept for hearing and mental activity. People with hearing loss who haven’t worn hearing aids may develop inaccuracies in their speech. “This is because we monitor our speech through our hearing,” added Dr. Marks. “Hearing loss is also associated with social isolation and the tendency to tune out. In fact, hearing aids are being considered as an early treatment for cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.”

At Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston, a speech language and hearing center, Dr. Marks and her staff treat patients with a variety of disorders, some very complex. They monitor children who have chronic middle ear problems for speech and language delays. They also treat post-stroke patients who are having difficulty hearing and Parkinson’s patients receiving speech therapy for improving voice volume, a characteristic of Parkinson’s disease, who may also need a hearing aid.

“We have also noticed a concern by millennials about their hearing. We recently fit hearing aids on a younger gentleman who noticed he was having difficulty understanding speech in competing noise and he loves them,” concluded Dr. Marks. “Improvements in hearing aid technology provide greater clarity for listening in background noise and can offer custom programming for a variety of daily listening situations.”

To listen to Dr. Marks’ NASS segment in its entirety, please visit The NALA’s NASS gives small and medium-sized business owners a unique platform to present their stories and industry expertise to a diverse, hyper-local audience through short, poignant audio segments.

About Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston

Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston was founded by Dr. Maura Marks, Ph.D., Au.D. It has been providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to the Boston and Metro West communities for more than 16 years. Dr. Marks is among a small group of professionals with two doctoral degrees and dually certified in both Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. For more information, please call (508) 359-4532, or visit

About the NALA™

The NALA offers small and medium-sized businesses effective ways to reach customers through new media. As a single-agency source, the NALA helps businesses flourish in their local community. The NALA’s mission is to promote a business’ relevant and newsworthy events and achievements, both online and through traditional media. For media inquiries, please call 805.650.6121, ext. 361.

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Georgia Manufacturing Directory Receives “#1 Amazon Best Seller” Status

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 28, 2017

The Georgia Manufacturing Directory has received “#1 Amazon Best Seller” status in the categories of Manufacturing Industry and Catalogs and Directories for the January 2017 Edition. Released in February of this year, this directory has become the number one desktop reference guide for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and service industries to find local resources in Georgia.

“We developed a printed and online version of the Georgia Manufacturing Directory to encourage companies to buy local, which is the best way to boost Georgia’s economy,” said Jason Moss, CEO of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. “We are leading a grass roots effort to highlight the best in Georgia manufacturing and are co-branding with leading companies who are working together to keep business in our state.”

The January 2017 Edition is a 48-page reference guide distributed to the CEOs and Purchasing Agents of the top 1,500 manufacturing facilities in the state. It was also mailed to the sponsors and members of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance and will be given to every attendee at the Georgia Manufacturing Summit. The 2017 Summit will be held October 25th at the Cobb Galleria and will highlight the plants, people and products that create a vibrant manufacturing environment in our state.

One of the keynote speakers will be Rob Dugas, the Chief Procurement Officer and Vice President of Chick-fil-A. Mr. Dugas serves Chick-fil-A by overseeing the business functions which are responsible for ensuring product integrity, competitive cost, and a reliable supply chain distribution for over 2000 restaurants in the United States and Canada. He will address over 700 industry professionals from around the state that want to hear the important topic Navigating the New Trends in Supply Chain Management.

About the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance:

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) is a membership-based industry organization founded in 2008 to support Georgia’s manufacturing community. GMA provides monthly plant tours, educational sessions, tradeshows, and unique networking opportunities designed to help make profitable business connections for its members. The Georgia Manufacturing Directory, Georgia Manufacturing Summit, and Georgia Manufacturing Calendar are additional resources produced by GMA. To learn more about the organization, membership, and upcoming events, please call 770-338-0051 or visit their website .

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