NASA, Explore Mars, Flying Saucer Art, & 80 Other Science, Technology, & Art Exhibitors Team Up with Country & Rock Artists at the Music City Eclipse Festival

Nashville, Tennessee (PRWEB) August 19, 2017

Nashville's premier science center will host a giant science, technology, and music festival this weekend with 80 different hands-on science, technology, and art exhibitor booths from across the U.S., a concert stage with live music and entertainment, and a host of science notables scheduled to speak about space, astronomy and past, current, and future eclipses. The outdoor festival has no cost.

SPEAKERS: Dr. Bernard Foing, Chief Scientist of the European Space Agency; Dr. Jody Singer, Deputy Director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center; Captain Robert Lee “Hoot” Gibson, NASA Astronaut; Dr. Jason Rhodes Astrophysicist & Principal Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab; Dr. Alina Rhodes Astrophysicist & Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab; Artemis Westenberg President and Co-Founder of Explore Mars; Alice Hoffman, President of the National Space Society and Program Manager for Enterprise Space; Liz Kennick, Teachers in Space


Meet a Real NASA Astronaut!

By NASA Space Launch System

Be a Martian Scientist & Dig for Life in "Martian" Dirt

By Explore Mars

STRATOSPHERIC GLIDER: Climb Inside thePerian 2 Cockpit Mockup!

Teachers In Space

SPACE FASHION: Design a Space Suit for theFinal Frontier

Teachers In Space

How to get your experiments aboard the International Space Station

Teachers In Space

Launch a High Altitude Ballon Experiment!


Program it! Biotech it! Game it!

Tennessee Tech STEM Bus

Tennessee Tech University's College of Engineering

Turn Over a New Leaf


Meet, Play with, & Program Robots

Southecare Robotics

Learn to Radio an Astronaut in Space!

American Radio Relay League Amateur Radio Operations

Tinker, Test, and Transform

Make Nashville

Meet Your Favorite Super Hero!

CosPlay Collective

Tesla & the Future of Cars

Tesla Motors

Tech of Tomorrow Hands-On Activity Tent

Adventure Science Center

Discover the Science of Design!


See the Sun through Cutting-Edge Solar Telescopes


Design Your Own Video Game!

Anomaly Studios, LLC

Go Green on the Urban Green Lab Bus

Urban Green Lab

Reverse an Image with Water Lenses

Lake Love

YARN ART: Create a Constellation!

Turnip Green Creative Reuse

Do You Have a Super-Human Heart?

Project Heart: Keep Your Beat

Dive In to Clean Water Power

Cumberland River Compact

Grow a Green Thumb!

Harpeth River Watershed Association

Be a Water Detective

Nashville Clean Water Project

Archery: Try and Shoot for the Stars!

Aim High

Bio World Hands-on Activity Tent

Adventure Science Center

Bio World Science Live! Shows and Demonstrations

Adventure Science Center demo stage

COMPOST THAT! Conservation Tips and Talkin' Trash

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Explore the Hands-On Sound Garden!

Frame Drum Wisdom

Wacky Weather Experiments

NOAA/National Weather Service

Be a Solar Eclipse Citizen Scientist on

August 21

TWRA: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Design Your Own Space Mission Patch!

NASA Space Artist, Tim Gagnon

Test the Power of the 3D Pen!


Learn Super-Hero Illustration with Dweeby Damsels

Dweeby Damsels

Fanfiction, Face-Painting, & Win a Prize!

Mikayla Tyler, Author, Facepainting

Experiment with the Power of a Solar Projector!


Color the Moon & Meet Terry Maggert!

Terry Maggert, Fantasy Author

Create Solar Eclipse Scribble Art with Scribfolio®



Author, His Steam Canon, & the Game

Leonardo Ramirez, Kids SciFi Author

Design & Decorate Your Own Eclipse Shirt &Eclipse Glasses

Toasted Ice

OLD-SCHOOL TOY FUN: Come Play With theToys of Your Childhood

Hudson Classic Hobbies

Create a Galaxy Pinwheel & Meet the Authorof the Dawn Hyper Drive Series

Sharilyn Grayson, SciFi Author

Sci Fi Science Live! Shows & Demonstrations

Adventure Science Center demo stage

Sci Fi Hands-On Science Activities

Adventure Science Center

VIRTUAL-LY AWESOME: Test Drive the Latest in Virtual Reality Technology!

BlackBox Simulations

Super-Charge Your Sci Fi Illustration Skills

Craig Skaggs, Sci Fi Illustrator

Explore the Fantastic Physics of Weather with Dr. Fred!

Dr. Fred Bortz, Physicist & Acclaimed Children's ScienceAuthor

Play, Design, and Build with Legos!

Tennessee Valley Lego Club

SPUR CRITICAL THINKING POWER: Design Your Own Family-Style Dungeons & Dragons Game!

Nashville Dungeon Delvers

Discover Sparkly Scienc Fun with The Fabulous Glitter Girl!

The Fabulous Glitter Girl

GHOSTBUSTERS: Photo & Slime Op with the World's Best Ghoul-Getters

Tennessee Ghostbusters

Physic Secrets To Set Your Dance Moves onFire!

Hermitage Dance Academy

COSMIC CROCHET: Learn How to Make Out- Of-This-World Hats, Scarves, & Pouches

Hal's Handmade Pouches

Did You Know Bowls Can Sing? Learn the Ancient Secret

KaiLani Harmonics

Music City Science Live! Shows & Demonstrations

Adventure Science Center demo stage

Music City Hands-On Activity Tent

Adventure Science Center

SONIC ARCHITECTURE: Come Play Drums from Around the World

Bill and Mary Buchen, Sonic Architecture

Discover a World of Wonder with Parnassus Books Storytelling

Parnassus Books On Wheels

Learn the Science of Singing Like a Superstar

Singing Success

Make Flying Saucer Art

Firstlight Art Academy

Be a DIY DaVinci: Learn to Turn Discarded Wood Furniture into Art

Peace Love Barnwood

DRAGON HORN: Make a Real "Dragon Horn" to Frighten the Sun-Eating Dragon Away

BOOMWHACKER JAM: Grab a Boomwhacker & Join the Hourly Music Jam

Make Music Nashville and KIDSVILLE

Explore the Musical Petting Zoo!

World Music Nashville

Rock Out on a Variety of Guitars and Learn Some Cords

Guitar Center

ECLIPSE ART: Make a Water Color Galaxy or Your Own Eclipse Postcard

Watercolor Postcards

Journey To Space Science Live! Shows & Demonstrations

Adventure Science Center demo stage

Journey to Space Hands-On Activity Tent

Adventure Science Center

Eclipse Your Slime and Silly Puddy!

Mr. Bond and the Science Guys

Cool, Hands-On Science Activities!

Discovery Education

Explore a Mock Flight Simulator

SkyWeb Aviation

Learn How to Make Out-Of-This-World Eclipse Observations

Enterprise in Space

See How Craters are Formed!

Cookie Craters

Get Your Eye on the Sky with Middle

Tennessee's Premier Astronomy Club

BSAS: Barnard Seyfert Astronomical Society

Explore Math In Motion with the Experts

Nashville Math In Motion

Discover the Cosmos with Bill Nye's Planetary Science Institute

Planetary Science Institute


Abbey Burke & the Soul Catchers, Nashville favorite; Second Planet, popular teen band; Sprocket Improv, laughs, gaffs & audience participation; Fairground Saints, country music; Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Live Music Performance; Jason Michaels, Magician and Illusionist;

Roger Day, Kids’ Singer and Entertainer; Bicho Brothers, Live Music Performance; Lucky Diaz, Live Music Performance; Jam Tech, Live Music Performance; Foot Pound Force, Live Music Performance

About Adventure Science Center

For more than 70 years, Adventure Science Center has been bringing science to life for students, teachers and families in Middle Tennessee and across the U.S.  The Science Center offers engaging learning experiences and science fun through hands-on, interactive exhibits; innovative programs; and fulldome productions in state-of-the-art Sudekum Planetarium. Adventure Science Center strives to open every mind to the wonders of science and technology, fostering a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Adventure Science Center is located at 800 Fort Negley Blvd. in Nashville.

For more information about ASC, visit or call Alexis McCoy, Director of Marketing and Communications, at (615) 669-5094.

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ezCheckpersonal Family Finance Software Now Available In Network Version For 3 Or 4 Locations

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) August 19, 2017

ezCheckpersonal family finance software is now available from as a network version. The latest version is available as a three or four user network version to setup and print wallet size personal checks from multiple locations with ease and affordability.

"Family finance handled at home or office is now available in a network version for customers with ezCheckpersonal software.” Dr Ge, the founder of states.

Personal finance is now a snap with single or network versions available for ezCheckpersonal. Download and try the software at

Below are just a few of the benefits of writing checks at home:

1- Fraud control is deterred when boxes of blank checks are not laying around

2- Save money by eliminating pre-printed check costs

3-Increase productivity by printing blank checks to write out later

4-Keep Current With Address/Name Changes

5-Ease of Use for those who may not have the ability to write checks

6-Network version available for multiple locations

ezCheckPersonal is compatible with Windows 10 system, 32-bit or 64-bit. It can also run on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 system.

All software from, including ezCheckPersonal, is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Customers can begin printing checks within minutes of downloading and installing the software. The intuitive graphical interface leads customers step by step through the check writing and printing process.

Never order the expensive pre-printed checks from bank again with this easy to use application. To learn more about ezCheckpersonal and other free offers from, please visit:


Founded in 2003, is the developer and distributor of ezCheckPersonal check writer software. also has a complete lineup of affordable and easy-to-use tax and financial software applications for small businesses and families, including w2 software, 1099 software, payroll software, check writing software and timesheet software.

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myorder Celebrates the Debut of Their Innovative Service

Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) August 19, 2017

Last year, myorder, a company specializing in assisting travelers in Japan, announced a new service in which visitors can quickly and easily order food at local restaurants in Japan. After months of research regarding issues foreign visitors have in Japan, myorder has developed a clear-cut way to solve a common problem: the inability to order food at local restaurants for people who don't feel comfortable speaking Japanese.

myorder recruited native English speakers with varying language abilities in Japanese to help fine-tune the service and find the BEST possible way to assist travelers ordering local food in Japan. When traveling to foreign countries, people want an authentic experience. "Tourist traps" and trendy places do not satisfy the need for a REAL Japanese dining experience. The best places to eat are often out of reach for many foreign travelers due to a language barrier. “Foreigner-friendly” establishments with English speaking staff may be convenient, but in the world of food, convenience does not always equal quality.

The best places to eat are often restaurants off the beaten path, where locals go, as opposed to tourist restaurants that a paid guide suggested. For a real authentic experience with Japanese ambiance, travelers can now use myorder to go where they wouldn't have otherwise ventured for fear of being misunderstood. myorder’s innovative service breaks barriers and builds memories.

myorder’s service gets you delicious food in a few easy steps:

  • Excitement – Travelers search for local restaurants with unique flavors they want to try using the link:
  • Check-In – Using a mobile device, users check-in to our service where they can see menus, view helpful images, and read descriptions in their own language.
  • Order – The selected menu items will be translated into Japanese for the restaurant. Users simply show their screen to the restaurant staff to order.

Experience mouthwatering Japanese cuisine like a native using myorder. Your tastebuds will be forever grateful!

About myorder: myorder is a Japanese company founded in 2016 by Katsumi Tsunoda, myorder CEO in Tokyo, Japan. myorder has developed partnerships with numerous Japanese restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and other major cities in Japan, and the partnerships are continuously growing.

Hideki Takita, Public Relations Manager


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