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Ed Rempel is a financial advisor in Ontario and is known as one of the top keynote financial speakers in Canada. Ed has spent years in the financial services industry and is a proven winner and an advocate for Canadian financial literacy.  SOURCES.COM is proud to have Edward Andrew Rempel on board as a highly reputable ‘North American” financial keynote speaker.

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Ed knows about money, personal finance and financial literacy and he is a topic expert on personal finance. Ed Rempel knows about and shares his knowledge on many subjects including investments, insurance, mortgages, tax and trust, estate planning, retirement planing, real estate and more.

Ed Rempel is a contributor to Money Magazine, MONEY.CA and many other financial magazines including the Canadian Capitalist a top Canadian personal finance blog. Ed Rempel continues to help individuals, families and small business owners in his financial practice. Ed makes himself available for many keynote speaking engagements at no cost or low cost for anything related to Canadian financial literacy. Ed Rempel can be hired through MONEY.CA  EDREMPEL.COM or Sources.com