Privacy Policy

At MONEY.CA and Money Canada Limited, we are committed to protecting your interests and your privacy.

We do not share, trade, disclose or sell your information outside of Money Canada Limited.

Ordering information collected about you or the recipient of your purchase is used to process orders or to contact you regarding the status of your order. We also take the steps required to protect the information you share with us, including using SSL technology for encryption and transmittal of your order information (including your credit card information). MONEY does not keep or hold any credit card information on its site and securely transfers any personal information financial detail with the highest level of security available to date. MONEY further relies on the systems of the highest quality approved and dedicated secure and online gateway provider.

From time to time Money Canada Limited and MONEY.CA may use your email or postal address (which you provided on the order form) to notify you of new offerings available in The MONEY Store, in the MONEY Magazine and on our MONEY website.

MONEY can and will hold general database information on its own clients, MONEY may hold and use such information for the benefit of its client and only with approval and understanding. The MONEY Book and the MONEY.CA website contain securely gathered information, questions and surveys that are held in confidence and for the express benefit of MONEY.CA Money Canada Limited and the MONEY Membership Group.