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What do we want?

  • your interest;
  • your cooperation;
  • your participation;
  • and your collaboration.

You could be a high school, college or university a student, professor, principal or dean and in a position to learn more or teach better.

What do you want?

  • Simple and effective, real life learning opportunities with proven methods and experience from top in their field professionals.
  • Easy instructions, fast set-up and organized for business continuance.
  • A financial education program truly worthy of implementation.
  • An effective turnkey program that helps students understand and interpret the real world of Canadian finance in the simplest of terms.
  • High participation and great pride comes with competition both in class, inter-college and Canada wide.

What do we really want?

Content is King and Financial Content adds up to mean more than just that for Money Canada Limited. MONEY® has lofty and varied business and educational goals that are always focused on 'giving back' knowledge and wisdom if not money. We want you to join us for all the right reasons.


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What will you really get?

  • Good smart collaboration that equally helps students teach as much as learn practical lessons in financial services, business and business communications.
  • A sense of camaraderie, friendship, community along with a healthy competitive aspect makes sense and pays dividends to students and faculty.
  • Co-creators and contributors of MONEY® leave behind a lasting legacy in a library of wealth that is made permanent on the Internet and available anytime.
  • The fundamental lesson learned at the earliest age is re-defined today and made modern to be remembered tomorrow. "Learn, share and grow".

The end result is a life-long journey in education where "knowledge is power" and empowerment is nothing until the wisdom is given to others in real and employable ways.

Our ability to mix business with our pleasure to serve is intended to help Canadians make, save and preserve more money. At the same time financial literacy is the name of the game; so lets play! Contribute and/or collaborate on articles, information, research and video that's wanted, warranted and needed for the poor, hungry and illiterate.

Locally and within Canada's most under-served communities financial literacy is a grass roots movement that should catch afire with your dedication and much needed spark.

MONEY® is organized with a master plan, calendar of events and dates planned and pre-planned with those who need to know, participate, monitor and maintain progress and activities.

The Professor as a mentor and overseer of the program selects a captain, lead and liaison officer of The School of Money for clear and effective group communications with your campus community.

Any article can and will be edited by a professional MONEY® editor and can be critiqued, challenged, corrected and/or marked.

Articles as assignments are accepted for common purposes - study, education and publishing electronically or in print. Videos can be submitted as completed or collaboratively filmed on location with the assistance of MONEY® and produced with consideration for the Described Video market.

The MONEY® Book explores and explains the top 100 personal finance questions and concerns. Video monologues, dialogues, cameos, vignettes, news, reviews and interviews about money personal finance and financial literacy formulate ideas, concepts are explained with evident learning outcomes.

MONEY® Video encourages student participation in several important and meaningful ways. Video translates the media, message and meaning the fastest and the best. Once per month a regular scheduled MONEY® Class meeting allows for the planning, production and organization of The MONEY® Show and (6 Minutes) of Me and My Money Video. Created for and in conjunction with AMI.CA in the new "DV" Described Video format.


The MONEY® Games - For GTA and surrounding colleges. Includes interactive games, ideas, live video within The MONEY® Class and the 'Think Tank' - a one hour per month power session. Each and every month MONEY® will be in the house and on campus to meet, teach, train and engage to create, confer and produce relevant and useful financial content.

Interest and Appreciation Factors

An annual Financial Symposium is arranged each year by Money Canada Limited where all participating Colleges and students can partake in, speak, gather, present and represent. A gala, a quaint gathering with food and beverage served up in an annual meeting of the minds in celebration of a positive and progressive collaborative venture.

Each year and beginning in 2015 MONEY® in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz will give away a "Smart Car" - Money Mobile - for a one year lease to one lucky School of Money student.

MONEY® Newsletter and MONEY® Magazine online are free products and services for faculty, students and complimentary to student body of participating colleges.

Time is money. Using your time usefully is important and should be meaningful, rewarding and greatly appreciated. Through "Described Video" and simple language, personal finance can be made easier for many segments of our populations including the blind and visually challenged, as well as teenagers, the newest of immigrants and those that think they know it all.

The language of money is the most common denominator. In society and financial literacy, interpretation and insight are it's strongest allies.

JOIN US for all the right reasons!


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The School of MONEY®



Seneca College - Humber College - George Brown College - Sheridan College - Centennial College

The School of MONEY® School of MONEY® The MONEY Book The MONEY® Course The MONEY® Class MONEY® U Financial Literacy Canada Canadian Financial Literacy