How do you find project or expansion funding during lean economic times?

We asked Norman Leach "During a market correction, Is there still money available for projects and where do companies go for expansion or project funding?" Norman mentioned that you need to go where Money is going to be, not where the money is or was. For more information on Norman and his educational courses, visit Norman Leach & associates at


Norman Leach is president of Norman Leach & Associates, Inc., which specializes in Integrated Business Consulting (Public, Government, Media Relations and Event Management) and International Trade development and management and has offices in cities around the world.

As a consultant, Norman has facilitated the entry into new and/or international markets for a large number of companies and non-profit agencies w

He has a diverse business background including agriculture, government, non-profit, health care, security and training and education. He is also a registered Federal lobbyist and a registered lobbyist in the Province of Alberta.

Norman teaches at Mount Royal University and SAIT on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and International Trade.

Norman writes a number of national and international business columns and is one of the top 1% searched profiles on LinkedIn world-wide.

Norm received the lifetime achievement award for exporting from the Canadian manufacturers and exporters association in 2012.

In his role as a speaker and trainer Norman is in demand by corporations and non-profit as he helps
them discover, and benefit from, new markets and opportunities.

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