Frank Flynn

Frank FlynnDuring more than a decade as a Senior Enforcement Officer with Canada Revenue Agency, I reviewed countless taxpayer requests for remission of penalties and interest. In my role as an Enforcement Officer…
I handled G.S.T., Source Deductions, Corporate and Personal Income Tax collections as well as Bankruptcy and Insolvency cases. Prior to joining the Agency I worked in the private sector managing receivables in the finance industry and doing Small Claims and District Court collections for a large Credit Rating organization.

In addition to my work in Credit and Collections I’ve also published plays, essays and letters in various national and international publications. Taxpayer Relief Letters combines my experience as an Enforcement Officer with my skills as a writer in a way that helps my clients make their best case for relief from penalties and interest.

I hold a joint major Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies and I’m currently in the process of completing a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. I understand all too well that not everyone has the time or language skills to put together a compelling case for relief from penalties and interest. I can help. Don’t be shy. Send me an e-mail and we’ll chat.

PS: If you are having trouble collecting accounts receivable, please visit another website of mine, How To Collect Accounts There you can see sample pages and order my 60 page downloadable “How-To” guide.


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