was created to service the growing need for new immigrants to Canada who wanted to bring their parents and grand parents to Canada for a period of up to 2 years to stay with them and watch their grand children blossom and grow in their newly adopted country.

They can do this through a newly created program called Super Visa, which is a 10-year visa which allows parents and grand parents to visit Canada for up to 2 full years at a time.

Part of the requirement is that a $100,000 travel and health insurance policy must be purchased on their behalf so that in case of illness or accident, the visiting relative will not be a burden to the Canadian taxpayer. is the leading company that deals with helping immigrant families obtain Super Visa Insurance at the very best rates, since it is directly connected to all the major insurance suppliers.

Tracy DesLaurier, the president, has many years experience helping clients obtain the best coverage for his clients. He and all his agents in major Canadian cities are well versed in helping
the immigrant community members choose the very best insurance package to make sure parents and grand parents are completely covered for such things as travel, accidents, health care and pre-existing conditions at the most economical price. Not all insurance companies offer the same coverage or the same price for the same coverage. Their goal is to get their clients the most comprehensive coverage with the right insurance supplier for the most reasonable cost.

That way the family knows that during the parent’s or grand parent’s stay in Canada, they can enjoy peace of mind knowing that as far as insurance goes, has them fully covered!

If you or someone you know in Canada needs insurance help, please refer them to where a calculator will give them the price of insurance to be confirmed by a phone call to the local office. Plus they can either phone or chat with a live person.

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