Top Questions Personal Finance

Top 10-7-5-3 and 1 Questions

The Top 10-7-5-3 and 1 Video introspect on the top 10 core financial services areas for personal finance.


What would you get if you asked some of the most knowledgeable people about a subject and asked them to get to the point and don’t ramble on; actually be specific and concise and get the idea across in a simple and informative way.

10-7-5-3 and 1 is new and unique way of learning, how to teach, how best to learn and how to videos that explain.

Re-adjust your sets, televisions, monitors and mobile devices and what you pay for…more money.

The School of Money

Financial Self-Defense – Financial Literacy – Wisdom and Knowledge practiced and engaged.

This new premium offer of video direct and question and answer sessions on topical and informative information can be enjoyed, used and employed to deliver the end result that you only can determine.

A story about You and Your Money – 10-7-5-3 and 1 are the best combination of information and ideas that are put together in a simple and uniform way that most people will find it easy to follow and hard to put down.

And the final and continuing journey to learn comes from educating others and practicing what you preach.

The MONEY App – Workbook and Charter will allow you to understand and remember the fact that ‘what you put in is what you get out’ although some will work harder than others to achieve more.


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