(NHLS™) is an online meeting place in the well-known industry of New Construction for Homes and Condominiums. The New Home building industry is ready for innovation as investors are eager to become involved. NHLS™ accelerates this necessary change in the New Home industry by providing Buyers a means to quickly and easily discover New Homes, while simultaneously building a strong bridge between Builders and Real Estate Agents — something that has not been achieved elsewhere.

An investor would benefit as NHLS™ functions well during both prosperous and lean economic conditions for Builders. New Home Builders invest heavily into marketing strategies regardless of the economic conditions in order to ensure potential Buyers are well informed about available product. This is ultimately a win-win for the investor and for NHLS™. Backed by strong technology and a solid management team, NHLS™ is well positioned to capture the Canadian marketplace in the next 12-16 months with strategic plans to test systems within the US during the same period.  Additionally, the software is adaptable into a variety of other “white label” solutions in the real estate sector and investors of NHLS™ will be well positioned to be a part of future iterations.

To learn more about this innovative online directory and your investment options go to

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