Canadian Money and Financial Literacy in Canada

Canadian Money is a large, important and meaningful subject to many different types of people and at the same time it measures the strength of a nation.  The Canadian economy is strong, Canada is a vibrant growing country and attracts many immigrants from all over the world. Canada is part of the G8 a relatively new country that has established itself as a small quiet winner compared to other industrialized nations like America, Great Britain, Germany and Japan.

There is a lot to know when considering the local economy and the complex system of world economics is even more confusing. We all want to know how Greece the originator of democracy is fairing with their tragedy and posterity measures. As the euro turns a nation depends on it and a league of nations patiently waits and creates strategies for what can mean dramatic change in currencies; international and local money, assets and commodities where the people will be suffer most.

The more complicated economics and finance get the more you will need a guide or advisor to charter a contemporary course for personal finance and wealth management; a qualified interpreter and trusted advisors and counselors are the way to go. Your personal position, drive and choices and ultimate knowledge will be determing factors in your overall wealth management and enjoyment of life.

Money and education – Money Canada Limited has assembled an unbeatable dynamic duo with online and Money Magazine. MONEY has created an atmosphere of learning and an odyssey to connect Canadian’s at every turn with what they ought to know and be able to teach.

MONEY starts the machine by knowingly creating a depository of quality, useable information called “financial content”. The top 40 Canadian financial, writers, authors and bloggers have joined The MONEY Network to participate in and promote the fact that “knowledge is power”. Professionals from many back grounds a real experience have gathered to create the online investment marketplace. Writers, professionals, advisors and industry specialist including government agencies are thrilled to collaborate with an assertive leader that truly understands financial literacy and knows exactly the most under-served people, communities and places.

There is a true sense of duty to educate a country and its next generation considering what new immigrants and students will have to know by default just to reach the level of an average investor. Canadians have different reasons to make, save or preserve money and also a vested interest to teach their children and the next generation about hard work and the value of a dollar. Women are an important factor in helping more Canadian reach the standard of living; focusing on new immigrants, women and children can and will make a huge difference in the quality of life and standard of living.

Beyond the money blog, money newsletter, money magazine, money video and television the medium will change the following will grow and the vertical will remain the same “MONEY and Personal Finance”.

MONEY has now created the online tools and in class curriculum that will make a difference with thousands of Canadians helping make, save and preserve more money. The MONEY School and The School of  Money online are a division of Money Canada Limited. MONEY is now proud to announce new financial literacy products like The MONEY Course – The MONEY Book and The MONEY Class. Learn, share and grow more at MONEY.CA and support Canadian Financial Literacy.

James Dean

You and Your Money