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Are you afraid of doing any estate planning? Want to stop struggling to figure out what to do? I’ll give you access to my free e-book Estate Planning: 7 Keys to Success.

Estate Planning is now easier than ever.

I wrote this e-book for you to plow through the planning obstacles in your path. As an estate lawyer for over 30 years, I have heard a lot of excuses.

How to Remove Estate Planning Roadblocks

Clear away these top 10 roadblocks that are holding you back. The 7 Keys to Success will get you on the right road.

Have you used these excuses to put off protecting your family?

1. I don’t want to think about death

It may be frightening, but it’s inevitable. So why wait? It never gets easier if you get sick or older.

 2. Taxes are too confusing

But did you know that you could save money? You need some answers to avoid paying too much.

3. Estate planning has its own language

Legal jargon can make everything more complex. Reading my clear e-book will help you understand what to do.

 4.  You have too many choices or You don’t know where to start

If you are confused, you cannot make a good decision. Your fear can lead to paralysis and inaction.

5. Lawyers cost a ton

A quick read can save you a lot in legal fees. Finish reading in the time it takes to drink a coffee. Then you can find the right lawyer.

 6. Updating the whole thing is a pain

Don’t know when to make changes? Yes, I’ve got clear answers for that, too.

 7. I can do-it-myself

Cheap quick fixes never work in the long run. Your estate legacy lasts forever. Click to Tweet

 8. I’m too busy

Don’t keep waiting for the time to be right. Not having a will is like driving the family car on a flat tire. You put loved ones at risk. So fix it now and don’t ignore estate planning.

 9. Everything in my life keeps changing

You buy a home and have a family and business. Would you not get insurance to protect both? Estate planning does that. It insures everything that is valuable to you.

 10. It can be expensive

Prevention is always cheaper than making an expensive mistake. Planning is the best and cheapest treatment.

 Free Estate Planning Keys to Success

 You can get my free e-book on estate planning here.

You will find it easy to read and understand.

 I’ll show you how to:

 1. Start Right to Finish Right

2. Avoid Falling into Major Tax Traps

3. Quickly Prepare a Proper Will

4. Choose Executors to Handle Your Estate

5. Stop People from Fighting Over Your Money

6. Protect Yourself Today, and

7. Take Action Now

Your first key will ease you into the world of estate planning. You can proceed at your own speed to the other keys.

 Feel free to share these valuable tips with your family and friends.


Peace of mind is a great joy, not an expense.

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