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    October 2013
    M T W T F S S
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    Have Canadians (and their politicians) completely lost their moral compasses?

    Ian Whiting

    First a disclosure – I have never been, am not and never expect to be a member of ANY local, municipal, civic, provincial, territorial or federal political party. That said, let’s move on.

    It seems that over the past few years, Canadian politicians of all stripes and levels have stooped lower than tricky-Dicky Nixon (sorry Gen X, Y and Millennials – ask a Zoomer or Boomer!) ever imagined – at least he had recordings to prove who said what and to whom.

    What are Canadians going to do about this very sad and depressing state of affairs? I am trying to do my little bit but my unfortunate conclusion is that most Canadians will do nothing, a few will raise a bit of a ruckus for very short period and then lose interest and an extremely tiny minority will actually work to change things and hold people to account. To this group I say – PLEASE do not give up your efforts!

    Most recently, we have all been subjected to a selection of corruption enquiries and then we have the Keystone Cops movie currently playing in our Senate (the house of sober second-thought!?) followed closely by amateur-hour and “Kids say the darnedest things” (sorry again G, Y and M – ask a Zoomer!) in our National House of Parliament.

    I have been known to say that some groups of people are so inept that they couldn’t organise a train-wreck in a phone booth on a one-way track with bag over their heads. I now have living proof in these two groups, to say nothing of the embarrassment to Canada caused by the sheer idiocy of their actions and the entire process.

    It would suggest giving every politician a polygraph test – but I doubt we could find enough trained examiners to administer them all, and to be fair, I have no doubt that there are 2 or 3 percent of that group who really do work with ONLY the best interest of the public in mind rather than their own political or other grandiose agenda(s). I would love to meet them and put them to the test.

    Are they out for themselves? Their party? Their leader? Or (novel thought) ALL Canadians? By the way, our neighbours to the south are just as bad but in their case, ideology seems to outweigh even their own crass personal ambitions and agendas. I confess, I don’t know which is worse – the politicos in the Untied States (intentional) or the Crazy Canucks up here in the GWN?

    If it wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable. In this instance, I would LOVE to take over the Committees or Boards of Internal Economy for both the Senate and Parliament (and provincial, territorial and civic ones, too) but then, many people accuse me of not willing to be strong enough to cut the waste across the board – apparently I am too mild-mannered and reserved!

    Please Canadians – we MUST take our country back from these inept, scurrilous, morally and ethically bankrupt people. They are there because we elected them (yes, this includes the Senate since we elected the propeller-heads who appointed them) and we can point the fingers at no-one but ourselves.

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