Is there such a thing as the “perfect” asset?

If you found an asset that met all 13 of these criteria – would you purchase it? What about if the asset made 12 out of 13? What about 6 out of 13? Or 3 out of 13?

◊ Safe harbour against the vagaries of market turmoil
◊ Welcomed by lending institutions as “Grade A” collateral – welcomed everywhere
◊ Excellent liquidity
◊ Can’t lose money through market movement once it has accumulated the values
◊ Tax-deferred or tax-preferred growth
◊ Competitive return on investment after set-up
◊ Guaranteed internal loan options without recourse
◊ Deductible contributions or deposits
◊ Creditor-proof to the greatest possible extent
◊ Unstructured and optional loan repayment plans
◊ High contribution limits
◊ Tax-free distribution to named heirs
◊ Survivor benefits many time greater than accumulated internal values

Chances are if you could purchase such a product, you would do everything in your power to acquire as much as you could!

I haven’t found one single product that matches all 13 – can you? I have one that meets 12 of the criteria. Can you guess? Stay tuned to a future blog – or you can email me at for the answer if you are impatient!

Ian Whiting

Ian R. Whiting CD, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., FLMI (FS), ACS, AIAA, AALU With more than 40-years of experience in the industry, Ian has qualified 3 times for MDRT, completed LUATC in 1979, the LUAC Financial Planning Skills Course and attended numerous Schools in Agency Management and Sales Management through LIMRA. He obtained his CLU in 1987 while also completed his IFIC qualification and completed his Fellowship in the Life Management Institute with a specialty in Financial Services in 1988. In 1989, he completed qualifications for his Chartered Financial Consultant designation. In 1992, he qualified as an Associate of the Academy of Life Underwriters (Head Office underwriter qualification) and in 1993 he completed his Associate, Customer Service designation program through LOMA. In 1997, he qualified as a CFP and also completed his courses and exams to obtain the Associate, Insurance Agency Administration designation. In 1999, he completed the study and examinations to qualify as a Trading Officer, Partner and Director for Mutual Funds with the BC Securities Commission. As a result, he is also qualified as both a Branch Compliance Manager and Head Office/Provincial Compliance Officer. He served for nearly 18 years with the Canadian Forces (Air) Reserve (reaching the rank of Captain) primarily working with Air Cadets and was award the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) in 1982. Long known as a maverick and forward thinker in the financial services world, Ian enjoys the challenge of learning new material and planning for the future evolution of his chosen profession.