3 Tips for Creating A Best-Selling App

In today’s technological world, people are always looking for ways to either make their lives easier or make their lives more enjoyable. With the prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices, both of these tasks are now easier than ever to accomplish thanks to the ever-growing number of apps available. People are always looking for the most current, most useful, and most fun apps to download, making them a very lucrative business. So if you have a knack for coding and have an idea that could take the world by storm, here are three tips for creating a best-selling app that could make you a lot of money.

Improve Upon The Current Apps Available

At our day and age, there aren’t really a lot of truly original ideas anymore. Things that are new are often things that are just tweaks or improvements on something that was useful or original in the past. And according to Tim Ferriss, a contributor to Mashable.com, great app ideas really are no different. He states that one of the most sure-fire ways to create an app that is going to be financially successful is to survey the market for what’s currently available and then create a new and improved version of those apps. The best way to go about doing this is to check apps in a similar vein and look for holes or problems that you could then fix in a better version of the app.

Set Up A Good Pricing Strategy

You may think that once you have an app that you think will sell well, it doesn’t matter how much you charge for it or how you plan to sell it. But according to David Zax, a contributor to FastCompany.com, this way of thinking is one of the biggest mistakes new app creators make. Knowing this, Zax recommends doing a vast amount of research regarding how much, if anything, you should charge for the initial download of the app. In addition to this information, you should also consider if you’re going to have additional content that needs to be purchased within the app or other ways to bring in additional revenue. Having this all nailed down before you go live will help make your financial success much more likely.

Know How To Market Your Product

Once you’ve decided that your app is ready to launch, you’ve got to do more work than simply getting it in an app store if you want to have a lot of commercial success. Benji Lanyado, a contributor to The Guardian, shares that some of the best ways you can get more buzz around the release of your app is to contact various member of the press, post on social media sites, create videos to tease the content within your app, and think of fun or innovative ways to encourage potential users to sign up or download your content. If you’re able to do these things successfully, you should accumulate a pretty steady stream of downloads, which means a pretty steady stream of money.

To make your app idea as successful as it can possibly be, consider using some of the tips mentioned above in your pursuit for the next best-selling app.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.