Marketing Methods That Make Money

Not all marketing techniques are created equal.  There are good and bad marketing practices.  To create a successful enterprise, there must be a solid foundation supporting the company’s marketing department.  A foundation of knowledge and competence will support a winning marketing campaign.

More specifically, small business marketing may add a bit of a challenge to overcome.  Many small, start-up businesses do not have much money to put forth towards marketing efforts, but marketing is imperative.  Here are a few affordable and efficient marketing methods that will make money.

Social Media

Link social media sites to the company website.  Check out the way this web designer chose to incorporate these media giants.  Most web designs incorporate social media into only one piece of their site, but it is far more efficient to build a site that has consistent and instant access to the biggest social media platforms available.


Building an engaging and enriching blog presence will build rapport with the online community.  A company’s blog allows prospective clients the ability to get to know with whom they are working.

It also allows for a company to spread its wings of knowledge and clearly display it for the online world to see.  Linking the business’s blog to their social media site will offer an enriching cross-marketing experience that will cost little to nothing.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and most effective methods of marketing for small businesses.  Most people do not mind offering up their personal email address for the chance to have a little inside information about their favorite businesses.  Take advantage of their interests and send out a weekly newsletter.

Be available to the public

It should never be difficult for customers to contact the company with whom they are conducting business.  Do no be a stranger to the community.  At every avenue, provide a valid method of communication.  Create a “Contact Us” link on the company website, or try offering a remote question and comment box.

Things will inevitably go wrong at some point, and the customer has the right to ease of contact.  Many people will return to a business even if something goes wrong, as long as their customer service handles the situation with respect and class.

Run contests and discounts  

People love contests.  People love saving money even more!  Running company contests and intermittent discounts is an age-old marketing method that works.  Just make it easy for people to enter, and their attention is caught.

All it takes is one moment for a person to become interested in what a company has to offer.  An effective marketing effort is built to seize that moment at every available point of contact.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.