How to Improve Your Condo Without Spending a Fortune

Trying to improve a condo is a hard task, which takes a great amount of time and patience. Knowing what you have to do before you even take the first step will save you from a lot of financial, emotional and physical stress – so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the details. Be smart about it, and consider following the seasoned tips and advice from Louie Santaguida, who’s been in the real estate industry for many years.


Plan Well and Think Ahead


Taking note of everything that you want to change in your condo is the most crucial step, as aimlessly trying to redesign and redecorate a room might cause more harm than good. If you keep the change open-ended, you have the chance of being able to improve upon it later on. Checking things such as the furniture, appliances, space and even the wiring involved is a must.


Keep It Simple


If you plan to make a lot of changes, make sure that they’re simple and don’t pose a great amount of risk. In the event that something doesn’t go as planned, you have the option to take a step back just as easily as you did stepping forward. If you try to amaze yourself with one big change after the other, you might even find yourself homesick. Completely redoing the layout of a room might prove to be overkill, especially if all you want is to have more space.


Re-purpose Rooms


Condo units that have neutral colored rooms are more open to repurposing, while moving furniture around your condo also gives you the opportunity to clean up. The dirt that has built up over time is hard to notice when you’re already used to looking at the same thing everyday.


Tidy Up


To expand on the previous advice, cleaning your home might seem like a basic task at first. However, a thoroughly cleaned interior will look a lot different compared to what you see everyday. Consider using a vacuum, power cleaning tools, and replacing carpets if you have any. You’ll notice how fresh everything looks afterwards – after all, there’s a reason why the phrase “good as new” was coined.


Get Rid of Things


Hoarding is something that can be very difficult to notice until it’s too late. If you find yourself having less and less room to wiggle in your condo, then it might be the time to throw some things out. Look at the items that you haven’t used in the past few months, and decide if you’re even going to use them in the future. If the answer is no, then consider storing them in your building’s storage area (if available). Your closet might be piled up with clothes that you never use; why not donate them to charity? The fewer clothes you have, the smaller the closet you’ll need, which ultimately gives your home more space for other furniture.

David Jackson

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