The Importance of Aligning Your Goals With Your Clients’

The really great companies have something in common that is often imitated, but very hard to duplicate: a relentless focus on the client.

What does that mean?

For starters, it means the ability to gain insights into their needs and wants. It means the ability to provide products or services that anticipate those needs – often providing these services before clients realize they want them. Perhaps most importantly, it means aligning your capabilities and goals as a business with the client’s for optimal success.

For all the businesses that have successfully used this formula – think Apple, Google, GE or Toyota – the wayside is littered with casualties.

Business failures have typically centered around losing track of what was important or depending too much on technology when clients want live, face-to-face contact; other businesses just didn’t try hard enough to retain their client relationships. An Accenture study found that 52 percent of consumers stopped doing business with companies because of issues like this, and once they’re lost, 68 percent of consumers won’t return.

This is as true in real estate as it is in any other field, and maybe more so. In fact, having the ability to align your goals with your clients’ may be one of the most important determinants of success or failure in a business like ours. That’s because if your goals aren’t matched with your clients’, you may well find yourself working at cross-purposes. There’s no happy ending when that happens.

The reality is that realtors are doing more than just selling properties. We are helping our clients realize a lifestyle, enhance an environment, and find a place to live. What is more important than that? This all involves a process that, when done right, is intensely personal and hands-on. In turn, we grow insights into their motivations and needs and then set out to anticipate them.

This is one of the differentiators around which AISA Real Estate Services has built its business. This focus has allowed us to establish a successful niche with affluent clientele who are particular, discerning, and who appreciate when firms truly take the time to understand their goals as clients and then evaluate how they can best achieve those goals.

This focus on the client and understanding what their real estate needs are enabled us to find the right buyers for 65 luxury residences at The Trump International Hotel & Tower® Vancouver and allowed us to set a record average for a project of this size in Canada, a record which has only recently been topped.

Such achievements are great, of course. But, there are other benefits too. When you support your clients’ goals, they are more likely to support yours. When you’ve created the kind of client experience that matters, they will continue to count on you as a valued resource for future transactions. Further, there is nothing like a referral from someone who is happy with how you held up your end of the bargain.

There’s more to success in real estate than steering clients to properties in the right price range and with the right mix of amenities. The customer experience is of paramount importance. When you establish a meeting of the minds on shared goals and expectations, you’re more than halfway there.