Tips on Living Affordably in Major Canadian Cities

A lot of people don’t really consider moving to the cities in Canada for financial reasons. Top cities across the country, including Toronto and Vancouver, are famous for being expensive. In reality, however, it is easy to live affordably in any major Canadian city. The growing economy and better living environment also make these cities perfect for families.

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Whether you’re already living in a city of your choice or you’re exploring the idea of moving to the country, these next few tips on living affordably in Canada will help you keep your monthly expenses in check. Let’s get started, shall we?

Live Close to Work and Use a Bike

Many – if not all – Canadian cities are friendly to bikers. Taking a bicycle to work is something that a lot of people do. Not only will you be healthier, but you can also save a lot of money on travel expenses. After all, driving your own car, especially on a daily basis, will quickly jack those living expenses up really quickly.

Finding a place closer to work is also a very good idea. There are a lot of incredible places available for rent regardless of the city you choose, so this too should be relatively easy to do. If you’re taking a job in Toronto, for instance, an excellent apartment in Toronto, Ontario, is your best option.

If you still need to take a car ride occasionally, rely on ride-sharing services and car-op. Services like Modo and Car2Go are very reliable, plus you now have ride-sharing apps like Uber providing you with more options and instant access to rides.

Be Smart About Your Expenses

Another important tip to keep in mind when you’re trying to keep living in Canadian cities affordable is to be smart with your expenses. For starters, you can save a lot on groceries by shopping at the right stores. Take advantage of coupons and deals too; there are apps and websites you can rely on to find the latest deals on everyday items.

Shop online whenever possible. Amazon and other online retailers also deliver to all major Canadian cities, so you can save even more by taking advantage of online deals. Shopping online is also a great way to save on larger purchases now that there are plenty of special offers (i.e. free shipping and bonuses) to use.

Buy Used Whenever Possible

One last great thing about Canadian cities is the lively second-hand market they have, both online and offline. Weekend markets are filled with a wide variety of items in great condition, from a barely-used microwave oven to a chic set of chairs to complete your living room. Craigslist and similar sites grant you access to even more preloved items to choose from.

These are all easy tips to implement, but they can help you save a lot of money and make living in the main Canadian cities affordable. Be meticulous about your expenses, keep track of the deals and special offers available, and it will be easy to keep monthly costs low without sacrificing comfort.

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