How Much Money Do You Really Need To Start A Blog?

Blogging is nowadays highly recommended for people that want to start or expand an online business. The problem is that not much is actually known about all the available options. What you have to understand is that there are always options that are available for absolutely all possible budgets. Based on how much money you have available and the goals that you have with the blog you can make the best choice. Here is what you should always take into account.
Free Blogs
You can easily start a free blog these days on numerous platforms like or The obvious advantage is that everything is free. The main disadvantage is there are restrictions. At the same time, you do not get a domain name, which means that branding is going to be a little difficult.
The free blog option is the one that is recommended for personal blogs or those that do not really want to turn the blog into a business. In the event you want to turn the blog into a business you can start for free but eventually you will need to move on towards paid options.
Cheap Blogs
When you have some money available for investment you want to move towards using a free CMS system (WordPress is highly recommended), a hosting package and a domain name. A .com domain name is around $14 per year and hosting for the smaller blogs can be as cheap as some dollars per month. If you expect more traffic you want to spend a little more on hosting but you will never need to go over $20.
The idea is that you use free themes for WordPress to get the design. The only real disadvantage in this case is that you cannot customize everything regarding your site. If you have around $40-$60 to add as an initial investment, it is highly recommended to buy a premium WordPress theme, like on Blog For Web. This allows you to have a much better looking blog from the moment you launch it.
Expensive Blogs
When you can invest more the world is your playground. The blog that you build can be completely customized and even created from scratch by a good web developer. You can control absolutely everything in terms of design and you have no restriction. However, this can easily lead to prices of a few hundreds of dollars or more. It is not what most people looking to open the first blog want to do. In most situations the investment that is considered as the highest is under $100 with some extra for branding purposes.
As you can see, you can invest as much as you want in starting a blog. However, as time passes you want to be sure that you consider investing some of your profit or extra money so that the blog can grow. You will need SEO and a good social media presence. Even the content that you offer may cost some money when working with professional writers or having to hire an in-house staff.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.