Great Personal Finance Apps To Consider Right Now

Most people these days own a smartphone and check it multiple times per day because of various reasons. With this in mind, why not use it in order to get a better hold of your personal finances? There are many interesting apps that were created to help you do exactly that. While not all the personal finance apps are really good and should be considered, the following are definitely some that you do want to take into account as they are really good.


Tech Surprise ranks Mint as the very best app you could use to manage your cash. This app helps to track spending, create budgets and get smarter with the money you have. The credit card and bank account can be connected, just as monthly bills. You thus have all the finances in one place, eliminating having to log into many sites. You will know when you have to pay bills, the amounts owned, when the bills can be paid, you receive reminders, avoid late fees, get suggestions based on spending habits and so much more.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This adequately named app is different than most of the other similar apps on the market. It is useful to help you with problems you have as it allows you to create specific budgets based on the money that is actually available. You do not end up relying on theoretical amounts, as so many do. When you get off the best possible track, the app will allow you to balance the budget and solve the problem you have.


It is especially useful to use Wally in the event you want to track your expenses as you do not really know where the money is going. If you do want to be better organized, the application will help you and all you really have to do in order to do so is to photograph receipts. When using geo-location on the smartphone, extra info can be automatically added to know even more where your money is going. The tracking app is very clean, highly streamlined and quite easy to use. The insights that you receive can be very helpful in figuring out where your money is going, which is something so many need.


If you are looking for a good app to help you save money, Acorns is considered to be the very best. Proper financial behaviour is actually automated as whenever a purchase is made with a connected card the app is going to round up the amount to the highest next dollar and then invest the difference in ETFs selected based on personal risk preference. Basically, you get to take advantage of pocket change in order to build an investment portfolio in a really short period of time. Most users declare that they do not realize there is a difference and then they end up with a few hundreds of dollars extra in financial investment every single year. If you are a college student, you do not have to pay for using the app and for everything else you just end up paying $1 every single month.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.