Stay On Budget By Shopping Online

You’re trying to save to get together a down payment for a house, to go on a dream vacation, to get yourself out of debt, or to scrape by on a tight student budget. Financial experts tell you to create a budget and stick to it, and you’ve been doing great, skipping expensive meals out and other luxuries. It’s all going great, until you crack the screen on your phone, break a chair leg, or rip a hole in your favorite pair of jeans. Sometimes you can’t avoid making a purchase when you need to replace something essential, but the cost is way beyond your budget.

Thrifty shoppers have been buying everything second-hand for as long as thrift stores and flea markets have been around. With the rise of online classifieds, sites like Kijiji have become the thrifty shopper’s go-to destination for buying used goods. You can buy just about anything second hand thanks to online classifieds.

Furniture – Furniture is a big-ticket item and if you’re saving for a house, buying that expensive new sectional is a lot like putting the cart before the horse. Used furniture is one of the most popular categories on Kijiji with plenty to choose from, especially if you can pick up the furniture yourself. It’s even easier to sell online, which is why it’s often the first-place people go when they move or upgrade their furniture.

Textbooks – Textbooks are not only expensive, they are also often a surprise. Publishers have carte blanche when deciding how much to charge for textbooks, and professors often don’t even know what the price will be to their students when they place an order. You can save a lot of money by bypassing campus bookstore prices, including steeply priced buyback programs.

Electronics – You can buy just about any electronic online, from flat screens to DVD players to tablets, but smartphones are one of the most popular items sold in online classifieds. Not only do you save money right now by buying used, you can also earn some extra wiggle room in your budget by paying for a phone outright, instead of going on an installment plan where you inflate the price of your bill.

Bicycles – Fall and winter are great seasons for buying used bicycles, when interest in biking generally drops along with prices. If you use a bike to commute, or you want to save money by switching from a car or public transit passes, you can save even more by buying as the weather gets cold.

Cars – Buying a used car is one of the smartest financial moves you can make and it can save you thousands of dollars. A new car loses 9 percent of its value the minute you drive it off the lot, and a total of 31 percent within the first two years. Buying a car that’s 4 or 5 years old can save you as much as half the price as when it was new, especially when you buy straight from the owner. Search for used cars on Kijiji classified ads in Canada, check out the car you like, and take it for a test drive. Used cars aren’t just for teenagers, they’re for anyone who has too much sense to spend thousands of dollars on a new car smell.

When you need to replace your bike or your car, buy textbooks, or get a phone, you don’t have to break your careful budgeting. Buying second hand online means you get to stick to your financial goals, even when you can’t avoid that purchase.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.