How can larger-sized recliners contribute to a healthier business for you?

Running a business or doing a job requires an individual to be optimally healthy on the physical and mental fronts. While some might consider this as a herculean task, there are some minute changes that you can introduce to further improve your lifestyle and those changes can actually contribute visible results for your business.

It goes without saying that the furniture you end up purchasing can have deleterious effects on your body if you aren’t careful. So what exactly should be the remedy? Since most of the time you’ve isolated yourself to a desk and a chair, changing up your sitting arrangement can improve things to a new degree.

Purchasing sitting furniture that’s proportionally larger is actually a benefit

Believe it or not, sitting continuously for hours on uncomfortable seats is associated with major health issues. According to Scientific American, an investigation was carried out testing the patterns of around 8,800 adults for a period of seven years. Those who were engaged in sitting for more than four hours a day without partaking in mild exercising had a 46 percent increased chance of death than those that participated in the same activity for a period of 2 hours.

What this means is that you can reduce the health issues by just a hairline below 50 percent if you just halved the time you sat on your desk. Unfortunately, sometimes the nature of work often dictates that you have to sit for long hours and with furniture that becomes unbearable to the body, you’re slowly killing yourself. The next step can be to change up the furniture you use.

When switching your sitting furniture, it is important to note that if your work requires you to spend more hours on your desk than you’d like, then investing in something that is proportionately larger and provides some mild exercise in the process will work in your favor. For example, a recliner suited for a tall man becoming a part of your desk could significantly minimize the negative health impact on your body due to prolonged sitting.

A larger recliner will make matters more comfortable as it enables you to move your hands and feet more freely as opposed to smaller seats and the recliner functionality will mean that you can employ the use of its retractable feet when you’re in dire need to take a break from those exhausting work sessions.

According to Business Insider, Alan Hedge who is a design and ergonomics professor at Cornell recommends that you change your position every 8 minutes to promote healthy circulation of blood throughout the body. A larger seat should surely seal the deal though it will also require the user to be attentive about those positions from time to time.

Around 86 percent of Americans sit on desks for a large portion of the day, claims U.S. News, so a combination of an ergonomically designed and spacious furniture paired with regular body movement will be paramount if you want to reduce the chances of the statistics that were mentioned earlier.

David Jackson

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