Living Affordably – Life in a Repurposed Shipping Container

Many people will decide that their current lifestyle is too costly, and would rather save their money by living far more cheaply. Switching to a repurposed shipping container is easily one of the most cost effective ways to largely reduce your expenses in almost every sector.

Buy container today and bring your bank account to a new level of progression while still enjoying the comforts and durableness of the stability that a repurposed shipping container brings.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Obviously living in a repurposed shipping container is far cheaper than living in a traditional house, but how much does such an implementation actually cost? Some of these original homes can be created for under $30,000.

Seeing as you will indeed be using far less water and electricity in your new home, you can expect to pay far less for utilities. You can forget about paying for mortgages or any related loan-based payments.

Planning is Key

Moving into a repurposed shipping container may indeed be a life changing process, but it is also a massive revolution in your living standards which requires the proper planning and dedication to the foundational phase.

You certainly cannot just improvise as you go along the construction phase, and doing so will lead to much in the way of debilitation and upset. Just because you will be moving into something far simpler than a traditional home or apartment, does not mean that you should treat your living space with any less care and sensitivity.

There are two major components to the planning phase.

Establishing a Budget

Any home, no matter how small, cannot be accomplished without the adequate amount of funds set aside. Although the repurposed shipping container home may indeed be far cheaper and more humble than the standard home, that doesn’t mean that it has to be lackluster.

You need to decide just how much money you are willing to set aside, for both luxuries and practical means. In any case, whatever you decide upon will not take too much from your bank account to achieve.

Planning Space

This ties into your budget, and is obviously constrained by how much you are willing to spend, but you need to decide how much space you will actually need. This means how many bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms, lounges, etc.

The addition of stories is a very simple matter with repurposed shipping container homes, all that it takes is to stack one container on top of the other which will be linked by stairs. You can also get very creative with such simple and straightforward shapes, and there are plenty of awesome designs that have been hatched due to how easy it is to craft with repurposed shipping containers.

Take your time to settle on exactly what you want to get out of your home, and make sure that your dream can be adequately funded. In any case, you should approach the right companies and professionals who have dedicated their lives to furthering the establishment of repurposed shipping container homes.  

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.