3 Tips For Making A Successful Insurance Claim

While you consistently pay your insurance premiums each and every month, when it comes time to file a claim, you may find that getting paid out for any damages could be harder than you think. But if you get in a car accident, have a house fire, or get your property damaged, you’re likely going to need the money from your insurance company to pay for the repairs or replacement. So to help ensure that you can successfully file your insurance claim and get the money you need, here are three tips you should follow when working with your insurance carrier over a claim.

Call Your Insurance Company Once You Begin A Claim

To give you the best chance of getting your insurance claim paid out, Nathaniel Meyersohn, a contributor to CNN Money, recommends that you call your insurance company as soon as you’re ready to start filing your claim. When you speak to them, ask them what the next steps you should take are and what information or actions they need you to provide. By following their rules about filing a claim, you can ensure that you don’t waste any of your own time trying to figure it out on your own. Also, if you need immediate help, speaking directly to your insurance company can help expedite certain processes, like sending out a claims adjuster.

Give All The Information Up Front

To get everything moving at a good clip for your insurance claim, it’s important that you acquire all the right information to give to your insurance carrier. Especially when you have a car accident and are injured, it’s vital that you give your insurance carrier all the information you have regarding what happened at the accident. For example, DMV.org advises giving them your name and policy number along with the date of the incident and the personal information of anyone who was involved in or witnessed the incident. By providing all the information up front, you can keep from having to go back and get more and more information, which can prolong the conclusion of your claim.

Rigorously Document Your Destroyed Belongings

In the instance of something like a house fire, it’s important that you keep track of all the damage that was done and which of your belongings you’ll need to replace. To do this, FindLaw.com recommends making a list of everything that you own and keeping everything, even the things that are ruined, until you’ve been paid out for your claim. This will ensure that you have proof regarding your belongings and give you a greater chance of getting everything you need replaced.

To ensure you get covered for all that you should, consider using the tips mentioned above when making an insurance claim.

David Jackson

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