Canadian Companies Should Trust Canadian VPS Providers

When a company grows out of shared hosting and chooses to move onto server that provides them with a greater number of dedicated resources, they should do their research and find the best VPS option. For example, a company located in Canada would benefit from switching to a Canadian web hosting platform both for the affordable pricing and the SEO benefits. Someone whose business chooses a local web host will enjoy an increase in local rankings as a result because the search engine assumes their business is most relevant in these areas. They’ll also reap other benefits including dependability, control at root level, and fully automated provisioning to name a few.

A common complaint about shared hosting is the lack of control companies have over other activities that happen on their server. Websites on a shared server only have access to a portion of resources and can’t anticipate how the activities of another’s online presence may affect their own. What’s more is that many scheming hosting entities will over-sell their spots, diminishing resources for businesses on the shared server. Challenges they must contend with range from frustrating minor experiences like slow load times, to catastrophic ones, for example when viruses find their way into the server from a neighbouring website. The chances of this occurring are unfortunately high if partnered with an unreliable web host.

What’s nice about a virtual private server based in Canada is that they’re comparatively inexpensive to how much they costed in the past. With strong Canadian hosting solutions offered through companies like HostPapa, you can switch to a VPS for as little as $19.99 for your first month. Servers on a VPS are isolated from one another guaranteeing stability and a substantially higher level of performance. Consider the difference between a shared office space, and one completely dedicated to your company; while you might share the building with other enterprises, you can function relatively unaffected by one another. You’re also provided with enough privacy without overpaying for services the way you would if you worked out of the building solo (or, the way you would with dedicated hosting.)

You also have full access to the server, with the freedom to modify it to meet your needs. A VPS will also allow you to add and remove features and resources as you go, only requiring you to pay for those which you use. This is great because it makes your service scalable; it allows you to expand or cut back based on your ambitions or initiatives. You can even host unlimited domains and websites and launch web apps using various programming languages – it gives you ultimate control.

A VPS offers businesses with online presences the security, speed, and autonomy required to grow. Choosing a local VPS solution profits them further by streamlining local traffic and directing relevant users to their website(s). If you’re a Canadian company looking to break free from shared hosting, look at plans offered by Canadian providers first to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.


David Jackson

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