5 Easy Ways to Find Personal Loans for Fair Credit

Personal loans have become the most common form of loan these days. There are many reasons behind the success of personal loans. The prime reason is the fact that it is more tailor-based for a borrower. The loan amount and rates of interests are not any different from other loan options and in some cases are even lesser. Especially for people with a bad credit history, a personal loan is the best choice. However, it doesn’t mean that the personal loan is not for someone with a fair credit history. There are many options available for people with a fair credit and personal loan is also among one of such option. So in this article, we will tell about the five easy ways to find personal loans for a fair credit.

1. Make a list of Loan giving companies

Finding personal loan with a fair credit is not a gigantic target. Anyone would like to prefer a borrower with a good credit over other applicants. So the first thing you need to do is to make a list of all loan giving companies. This will help you to compare various features and differences between the deals they give.

2. Reduce the number of loans

Sometimes a debt reconsolidation loan helps to reduce the number of loans you have. With a single loan, it is easier for you to get another loan. With more number of open loans on your name, the lender would feel under a cloud. However, the fact that you have maintained a good credit will help your case.

3. Go beyond traditional loan options

These days you don’t have to rely on the loan companies near your area. There are many companies who have an online presence and have a reputed record. There are online lenders who can give you lower interest rates than the rates a typical credit card companies have to offer. There are options for online installment loans which can fulfill your need as well. Further, if you see the application process for an online company giving personal loans, you will find that the credit scores matter lesser to them as compared to other loan providers. Hence to get personal loans for fair credit, online lenders are always an available option.

4. Secured loans

In case you are opting for a secured loan, the chance of approval gets quite higher. With a good credit score, you can also expect a lower APR rate. However, it is advisable to go for a secured loan only when the loan tenure, amount and acceptable rates of interest are not offered by any other lender. There are many lending companies who give more attention to people with a fair credit

5. References

Sometimes the companies giving personal loan might ask for a reference signature or guarantor. The guarantor is the person who can be accountable for the referral of the loan applicant. If you bring someone with a strong credit score and better financial condition as your guarantor, the chances of approval become very easy.


Most importantly, as a borrower, your focus should be on the companies who deposits the credit amount quickly to your account. While your good credit score should act as a positive point in the application process, it is also important to understand that some companies don’t bother too much about the past credit. Hence if you are getting a good deal without having to look back at your credit background, you should accept the deal. If any company offers a reduced rate of interest owing to your fair credit, you should definitely prefer that over any other option.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.