How Much Should You Spend on Penetration Testing?

If you are a business owner and have never heard of penetration testing, that needs to change today. With hackers using all sorts of methods to break through firewalls and get to proprietary data, it’s in your best interests to protect the information related to your business operation. That includes things like the financial records, product development specifications, and the data collected from your clients. How much will the pen testing cost? It depends on several factors.


The Network Structure


No two networks are exactly alike. Think of all the different hardware and software elements that make up your current setup. Each element is a possible portal for someone who is determined to get to your proprietary data, either to steal it or to alter it somehow.


That’s why pen testing requires identifying all the firewalls, servers, switches, virus protection programs, and various safety measures you currently have in place. Each one of those elements will be subjected to testing. A basically secure but simplistic network will take less time to properly test while one that is more complex requires more time and resources.


The Number of Devices Connected to the Network


Outside of the network itself, how many devices are connected to that network? Think of how your employees utilize devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access the network when they are on the road. Now thing about employees who work from home and connect via a server and what you think is a secure Internet connection. The fact is you may not be aware of how many devices actually connect to the network. This can be true even if you do know how many people have access credentials that allow them to connect remotely. If you want the pen testing services to do a complete audit and evaluation, every type of connection must be explore.


The Number of IP Addresses


You have multiple IP addresses for a number of reasons. One is that equipment like routers come with two addresses anyway. The other is that your business model may include the hosting of several SSL sites and need a pipeline for the data from those sites to flow to a common channel. When it comes to pen testing, every one of those addresses must be evaluated for possible infections and other complications.


The Time Requirements Per Action


As you are beginning to understand, pen testing is different from running a quick diagnostic or having your antivirus program run a quick check. There will be a different number of actions required for each leg of the testing. In some cases, the testing required for one segment of the network and the connected devices will move along quickly. Others will require more actions and thus take more time. The professional who takes on this project can only provide an estimate after determining how many actions must be done to do a thorough job.


If you have never had the network tested, don’t take chances. Call one of the penetration testing companies today and arrange for a consultation. In the best-case scenario, the test will determine the network is secure. If there are any weak areas found, you have the chance to resolve those issues before someone steals your valuable company data.         

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.