Anna Recklovski’s experience with the hyped crypto-startup Profitcoins

If you had told Anna she would be dealing with cryptocurrencies a year ago, she would have laughed. Born in Germany but raised in America, she had seized the opportunity to study abroad and get a taste for living in her birth country.

Image: Anna in the “Olympia” park in Munich, fall 2017.

After graduating from Technical University in Munich, Anna was ready to tackle the world. She thought it would be easy to find work. Six weeks into her search, Anna wasn’t so hopeful anymore. Feeling defeated, she had to make a hard decision: Do I stay and tough it out, or should I grab a ticket back to the States?

The next morning, Anna got up early and went to nearly every shop to apply for a job. Two days later, she got hired at a café. Things were going well. She loved interacting with her customers and made a perfect cappuccino to boot. The only problem was that rent was due in two weeks.

While talking with one of her favorite customers, Jonas, she told him about her financial issues. Jonas was a day trader and offered a solution: Profitcoins.

Anna was new to cryptocurrency arbitrage, but Jonas assured her that she would be fine. He helped her sign up, and she started trading that day. By that Friday, she had made €100!

Profitcoins saved me from having to go back home. Super easy to use and safe, I’m pulling in about €600 per month right now, which has taken a ton of stress off my shoulders financially.”

Anna is now working at a hardware prototyping firm. Even though she enjoys a nice salary now, she still loves the benefits of cryptotrading. If it were not for Jonas suggesting Profitcoins, she would still be stuck at the café making mochas. Now, she is living her best life!

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.