5 Good Canadian B Corp Examples

In recent years, the business practices of large organizations has been under a great deal of public scrutiny. This is as both authorities and the general public believe that profit should not be more important than that organisation’s environmental and social footprint.

Transparency and business ethics are two keywords that are starting to define the modern corporate environment and there is even a certification that measures performance in these fields; the B Corporation certification.

Also known as B Lab certification (or B Corp certification) this is issued by B Lab, a non-profit organisation with offices around the world in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. This certification attests that an organisation delivers social and environmental performance.

Not to be confused with Benefit Corporations, which are a type of business entity, B Corp certifications measure the impact that an organisation has on the environment, on the local community and on its employees. At present, more and more companies are interested in obtaining a B Corp certification and there are more than 2,100 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and over 130 industries.

After reading about US B Corp Giving Assistants’ mission to help non-profits we looked at five B Corps in Canada that set a positive example in the local community and redefine the role of businesses in society.

1. Laridae Communications Inc.

Laridae Communications Inc. is a full-service management consulting firm based in Peterborough, Ontario that works only with non-profits, charities, associations, and public-sector organizations to boost performance and help make a positive impact. They offer consultancy in various fields, including governance, human resources, marketing, branding and engagement, so that leaders can make better decisions and build sustainable, value-oriented organisations. Laridae Communications have worked with more than 120 organisations so far, such as Peterborough Child & Family Centres, Peterborough Public Health and Student Nutrition Ontario. They are also a Vendor or Record in eight categories: Management Consulting Services, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist, Strategic Provincial Entity Review Specialist, Strategic Public Engagement Specialist, Organizational Transformation Capacity Consultant, Strategic Advisor, Workplace Restoration and Commissioned Research Services. Although Laridae only became a Certified B Corporation in 2018, their widespread reach on multiple corporate processes makes them a strong contender for one of the best B Corp examples in Canada.

2. Sustainable Societies Consulting Group

Similarly to Laridae Communications, Sustainable Societies Consulting Group (SSCG) helps organisations maintain a value-oriented corporate culture while at the same time helping them thrive. Their consultancy services focus on social and environmental performance and they promote transparency across all business sectors. SSCG’s mission statement includes three core values: community safety & wellbeing, environmental sustainability, health equity & inclusion. The companies who collaborate with SSCG will receive bespoke advice on how to incorporate these three core values in all their corporate processes and create a sustainable working environment for everyone. Sustainable Societies Consulting Group is based in Kitchener, Ontario, was certified in September 2017 and currently has a B Score of 83.

3. Social Impact Advisors

Just like their name suggests, Social Impact Advisors is all about delivering social impact for building a better community for everyone. They are a team of facilitators, coaches and consultants certified since July 2017 and with a B Score of 109, with offices in Oakville/Burlington, Ontario. Working with enterprises in various fields, they aim to make their clients stand out in the modern marketplace and build a transparent corporate culture. From finance to management, Social Impact Advisors suggest a different approach to running a business, where ethics, sustainability and employee satisfaction are just as important as profit. Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson, the founders of Social Impact Advisors, are both certified coaches the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Innoweave program, in Impact and Strategic Clarity, and senior coaches in Collective Impact, including Youth CI. Their coaching experience in no less than 150 organizations enables them to deliver strategic solutions aligned with B Corp principles.

4. Phil Communications

Phil Communications are non-profit communication experts. When they obtained their B Corp certification in 2017, they pledged to give everything they have to building a better community for businesses and individuals alike. Based in Montreal, they have an impressive project portfolio and a consistent track record of transparency and innovation. Thanks to their thorough understanding on the Canadian economic landscape and the specific needs of businesses here, they are able to help their clients measure their social-driven statements across all channels of communication, social media included. Phil Communications also teaches their clients how to integrate the principles of fundraising into their organisation and define sustainable long-term goals.

5. Common Good Solutions Inc.

Start-up businesses play a crucial role in the Canadian economy and the experts at Community and Social Enterprise Development Services are fully aware of that. Their Impact Incubator, and Social Enterprise Institute are platforms that help local start-ups define their goal and become involved in the community. From business planning to impact measurement and budgeting, they assist clients to start and grow social enterprises that are fully aligned with the B Corp principles. Although they are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Common Good Solutions work with hundreds of small businesses, nonprofits and community groups across the United States, where B Corps and Benefit Corporations are more popular than ever before.


David Jackson

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