Building Your Team on the Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been hailed as one of the greatest innovations of our time, bringing a new era of accountability, security and a new approach to the way we will conduct our businesses and our lives. Deemed “The New Internet” and “The Blueprint For a New Economy”, blockchain is ready to transform the entire architecture of technology. The “Blockchain Revolution” is upon us all, yet despite all of its promises, the truth is, most blockchain projects can’t even be executed. Stuck on a whitepaper and living on as a concept, the blockchain has not yet been able to reach people’s lives in a significant way. But for those startups that have taken it upon themselves to create their own chain, a team of strong collaborators and innovators, hard-workers and vision seekers, this is all starting to change. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

At this point, you are probably wondering what exactly the blockchain is. Put simply, blockchain can be defined as a means for recording data. Each record is placed into an encrypted block of code, known as a block. Now, each block keeps track of every block before it, through time and through each transaction along the way. Chaining each of these blocks together, you get the blockchain, where authorized users may make verified transactions and take part in streamlined exchanges called smart contracts. So what makes the blockchain so special, anyway? The blockchain takes place on a decentralized platform, distributing information on a wide and complex network to inhibit outside manipulation. It is secure, it is transformative and its possibilities are endless.

For blockchain platform and multichain oracles framework,, the goal is to deliver ready to use results. Ducatur believes that as a blockchain project, you must never be limited to just one protocol. This is why their team incorporates multiple frameworks, which integrate with all the platforms out there such as EOS, NEO, ETH, etc. By understanding each protocol in depth and by constantly adapting to technological advancements, is bringing flexibility to the infrastructure world and efficiency to all businesses.

The team has now won four blockchain ‘Hackathon’ competitions in the last six months. This is an incredible achievement, particularly its latest accomplishment – winning a place in the Grand Finale of the EOS Hackathon, beating 76 other teams. Though, win or lose, it is the team that is most integral to this company. While an application may change over time and target markets might evolve, it is the core team that will most likely stay the same through it all. Building an amazing team spirit and collective culture, Ducatur is here to stay.

According to CEO, George Bell, “The most important element when building a blockchain platform is your team. We’ve worked hard to ensure we have the right team to execute and deliver. Blockchain developers are hard to find. Let alone build a team around. I’d advise entrepreneurs to find their tech team as early as possible and build a strong, hard-working, and winning culture, which also knows how to have fun!”

While the blockchain can provide many solutions for many businesses, implementing the blockchain can be a challenge in and of itself. makes it easy for businesses to make the transition and to choose the blockchain that complements their business in the best way possible. From there, Ducatur can connect businesses to different data providers on the blockchain, in their own efficient ecosystem. Within this ecosystem exists a framework of oracles. Oracles are one of the greatest crypto innovations at this time. Bringing information from outside the blockchain, to the blockchain system, Ducatur diversifies the capabilities of the blockchain from the inside out. This is especially true for its collaborative culture, which will support the growth and potential of the company into the next eras of technology. If you are a startup, a tech innovator, or a company in need of some team spirit, this story is for you.

Here are the five most important things has learned as a team:

  1. Be flexible – learn all technologies and know how to adapt
  2. Build a strong tech team – without one you have no chance of succeeding in the long run
  3. Find strategic partners – finding a few large investors who believe in you is more important than raising more money from people looking for a quick flip.
  4. Focus on all platforms – ETH, NEO, EOS, etc. will change and evolve. Other protocols may launch soon with better features like Cardano, VeChain etc. Never stop learning about each technology.
  5. Have fun, travel, and meet people – don’t keep your team locked up in an office coding all day. Visit hackathons around the world and test your capabilities!

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.