3 Tips for Getting Quality Motorcycle Insurance Without Breaking The Bank

To legally be on the road, you have to have insurance for your vehicle. And while insurance can be more or less expensive depending on where you live, it can also be more or less expensive depending on what type of vehicle you’re driving. Generally, riding a motorcycle can cause you to have higher insurance rates that driving just your average car because it’s considered to be more dangerous and puts you at higher risk. So to help you be able to get the motorcycle insurance you need without having to spend an arm and a leg every month or year, here are three tips for getting quality motorcycle insurance without breaking the bank.

Take A Motorcycle Training Course

To help reduce your costs and to keep you safer when on the road, DMV.org recommends enrolling in some type of motorcycle training course before you apply for motorcycle insurance. In these courses, you’ll learn how to safely ride your motorcycle on the road, which may make your insurance carrier see you as less of a risk to insure. Keep in mind, however, that many insurances will only give you this benefit once every few years, so you might want to keep going to these courses regularly if you’re wanting to keep these benefits as an insurance discount.

Keep Your Bike Safe

In addition to making sure that you’re always safe when you’re riding your motorcycle, it’s also important that you know how to keep your bike safe when you’re not on it. Especially if you’re wanting to get insurance coverage for if your bike gets stolen, you’re going to want to show your insurance carrier that you’ve been doing everything in your power to keep your bike safe. To help with this, Bobbie Sage, a contributor to The Balance, advises that you share with your insurance carrier that you park your bike somewhere safe when you’re not riding it, like a garage. You might also want to get an alarm to help you further secure your bike when it’s parked.

Join An Association

According to NerdWallet.com, joining a motorcycle riders organization may also be a way for you to get some savings on your motorcycle insurance. There are quite a few different organizations out there for you to join if you’re a motorcycle rider, so do some research about what organization might fit best for you and what’s going to be approved with your insurance provider. And once you find one that fits both requirements, join so that you can save yourself some money as well as make a few friends in the process.

If you’ll soon be getting a motorcycle and will be needing insurance, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to save a little money on this purchase.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.