James Dondero Is A Generous Philanthropist And Smart Businessman

Who Is James Dondero And What Is His Background In Business?

James “Jim” Dondero is a major financial investor and philanthropist that resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. He is famous for being a co-founder of Nexbank. Jim Dondero also serves as the president at the bank as well.

Mr. Dondero has also founded another financial company. He helped co-found Highland Capital Management L.P. This firm is one of the most prominent managers of loan obligations secured by collateral in the United States in terms of dollar value. Jim Dondero also serves as the president of Highland Capital Management L.P. right now.

James “Jim” Dondero also holds a board position at the HCM Acquisition Company. His board position there is as chairman of the board. Jim Dondero is also the chief executive officer at this acquisition company. His two prominent roles at HCM Acquisition give Jim Dondero a considerable amount of influence in how the company is operated. Mr. Dondero also serves as the chairman of the board at the Cornerstone Health Group.

Mr. Dondero currently has more than three decades of working in the credit markets across a variety of companies and positions. Before he founded Highland Capital, Jim Dondero worked at a capital market subsidiary company of the Protective Life Insurance Company. His job at this subsidiary company was as the chief investment officer. In this position, he grew the subsidiary’s assets from zero to $2 billion in a span of only four years.

Jim Dondero has an incredible amount of portfolio management experience. He has successfully invested in and managed both common and preferred stocks. He has also overseen high-yield bond investments, investment grade bonds, financial derivatives, mortgage-backed securities and leveraged bank-loans. His financial management experience even includes emerging market debts.

Early on in his career, Jim Dondero worked for American Express. He oversaw a fixed income fund for American Express that had a value of about one billion dollars. Mr. Dondero worked for American Express between 1989 and 1993.

Jim Dondero has a strong educational background that set him up for success in the financial sector. He completed a financial training program at J.P. Morgan Chase. His alma mater is the University of Virginia. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor of science degree in commerce with a concentration in accounting and finance. Mr. Dondero is a certified managerial accountant and also holds the title of chartered financial analyst.

A Look At James Dondero’s Recent Philanthropic Giving

James Dondero has been incredibly fortunate to have such a vast fortune under his name. His financial management company has also thrived under his leadership. Great wealth brings many responsibilities and comes with a duty to give back to the community. Mr. Dondero takes this to heart and gives millions of dollars away to charities and other good causes.

Mr. Dondero recently gave one million dollars through Highland Capital Management to the Center for Brain Health. The million dollar gift has helped the center create a brand new facility called the Brain Performance Institute. This institute will help veterans deal with mental and emotional problems that can result from being under severe stress while on duty.

The center will also work to help strengthen the minds of the veterans through the SMART program. This stands for Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training. The new approach will help veterans deal with issues they may have and help them adjust back to civilian life. James Dondero has also helped to establish a lounge at the Brian Performance Institute. The Highland Warrior Lounge is s place where veterans and their loved ones can gather and relax while visiting the Brain Performance Institute for treatment.

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