Best Payment Processors for International Businesses

There are several payment methods available at your disposal for international businesses. So, how to you decide which is the best payment option to use for your payment processing? While most payment processors these days allow you to capture payments from across the globe, some do have extra features. It’s a good idea to make sure the payment processor you are using allows payments from all countries and converts the funds for you automatically in real-time.

What is a payment processor?

A payment processor is a bridge between the two clients or two money exchanging authorities who handle the transaction. They handle the monitory transaction by collecting information from banks or credit cards and then depositing and crediting the money in the account of the second party. The traditional process consists of the following:

  • The customer or someone who pays the money
  • The merchant or the authority where money has to be deposited
  • The payment processor which handles the above transaction
  • A secured server through which your bank details are protected
  • Credit/debit card of the bank or company from which payment has to be processed
  • The business bank

There are several parties and authorities involved in the processing of an international payment, which is why you should choose the right gateway. Here are the most common options to consider.


This is by far one of the most used and widely trusted payment processors for any sort of payment. They are the premier payment option available in more than 200 countries, covering the complete globe. PayPal handles 26 different currencies and the name alone gives customers instant trust.

“PayPal is a trusted name, and if you are dealing with international customers there is a good chance they have never heard of your business before. By using PayPal they know their information is safe and the purchase is protected. It’s a great processor to use to give you instant credibility,” says Dana VanDeCar, COO of Optimally Organic.


The feature that has made this payment processor popular is their end to end service. They will complete your entire billing processes, the handling of the invoice to payment collection. This service is very appealing for freelancers, small-scale businesses and companies working with international clients.

Other services that are offered by this option is time tracking, schedule management, automatic invoice generation, etc. The unique feature about this gateway is that you can choose invoice options in more than 100 languages, which make it a great international option.


If you talk about one payment processor that can meet all payment requirements, Stripe is the leader of the category. This payment option is developed with simplicity in mind. Users can get set up and start accepting credit cards within minutes.

For this service, they charge a fees of 2.9% of the transaction and 30 cents per transaction. “The great thing about Stripe is that it integrates with almost every CRM and online tool you could imagine. No matter what invoicing program you use or customer management tool, you can be certain that Strip will plug right in,” says Darryl Howard of NuWays MD, a medical spa in Boca Raton.


This gives you the ability to convert your phone into a payment processor, which is great for those on the go and not tied to a physical or e-commerce store. This is possible with their magstripe reader and contactless chip reader, which turns your phone into payment processor. This will enable you to accept payments on the move at any place and at any time in-person.

“Not only are transaction rates generally lower when you physically swipe the card, but the risk of fraud decreases tremendously as well. If you have the ability to take cards in person, Square is a great option,” says Luqman Khan, founder of Wireloo, a website that just announced the best grill pan 2018 award.


As the name suggests, this international payment processor is used for accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. They also give you the option to convert your bitcoins into 9 different types of currency in 38 different countries.

“With the popularity of cryptocurrency internationally, this is a processor to consider if you have a customer base that is adamant on using the currency,” says Jake Braun of ChopperExchange, a website that helps you determine what is your Harley worth. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very shaky right now, so more traditional payment gateways are the way to go right now.

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