Career Tips To Help You Maximize Your Income

Nobody goes into their career thinking that they want to make the least amount of money possible making it nearly impossible to retire. The goal for many is to make it to retirement as fast as possible which will take proactive saving but also maximizing your income. A proactive approach is need to maximize income as nobody is simply going to give you a raise without asking for it or pay you to watch Netflix for hours upon hours. The following are career and personal tips that will help you maximize your income and get that much closer to retirement.

Ask For Those Extra Shifts

Taking on an extra shift or volunteering for overtime is going to make a difference over the course of months. Not only are you earning extra money but you are also avoiding spending money as you are at work. Asking for extra shifts then calling off is a recipe to never be offered an extra shift again. This does not mean to pick up multiple shifts and burn yourself out as professional burnout impacts a multitude of people yearly. The fact that you pick up a shift whenever needed will have management looking at you like a team player which could eventually lead to a promotion.

Get A Bump In Commission

Those people in sales know that an extra percent in commission is going to make a huge difference in yearly income. Asking for this might not be as easy as many think as you will have to present reasons why you deserve this bump up. This is when you bring out closing numbers as those people who close the highest number of leads deserve this bump. Those salespeople with low closing percentages cost the company more money as the marketing team has to get more leads to make up for lack of closing.

Freelance From Home

Freelancing from home during free time can make a huge difference in your income. Adding supplemental income weekly can increase your quality of life immensely. Those people with proficient writing or web design skills can start earning immediately on a freelancer platform. Working a few hours extra per day does not appeal to many people but those that enjoy writing or designing will not mind. At the very least instead of a Netflix binge write a blog post or product copy daily. The best thing about freelancing is that you can set your workload as well as deadlines. The Money Alert is a great financial resource that can help direct you on how to save the money you are earning from freelancing.

Entertain Offers From Other Companies

You should never stop looking for better opportunities as far as your career goes. Your dream job is not going to wait until you are laid off or decide to quit your job. Accept interviews at other companies as well to see what they offer you that is superior to your current job to entice you to leave it. At some point you might receive an offer that is much better than the compensation package you have at your current company. Allow your company to try to match the offer before making any permanent decisions. This tactic cannot be used very often so only do this when the offer you receive is incredible.

Maximize your income and allow yourself to live a lifestyle that you never thought was possible. Retirement can come years early if you follow the above tips.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.