How to Enhance Productivity by Improving Communication

Workplace communication is essential to achieving your business’ goals. After all, communication, taken as it is, fosters relationships and ensures greater productivity—that is if implemented properly in the workplace so it’s not a source of conflict

According to UK-based business solutions provider Bluesource, at least 85% of employees use more than one communication device at work. Companies also invest in effective communication technologies not just to enhance communication in the workplace, but also to connect to their audiences either through inbound or outbound means.

All of this moving communication needs structure to be efficient. With social media and mobile apps being added to the mix, it’s all the more important that you have a plan in place that allows these channels to work for you instead of against you. Here’s how to begin.

  1.  Set up platforms for anonymous feedback

Look inwards and to one challenge that many modern businesses are encountering today. Of course, we’re talking about openness. A healthy workplace has to promote the free flow of conversations that have implications on the bottom line. When what the employees are saying publically is different than what they’re expressing privately, it could lead to confusion.

Still, many employees are reluctant to voice out their concerns and issues for fear of being ostracized or sanctioned. Seeing that feedback is an essential part of your operations, you will have to provide your employees with a platform for recommendations. For this, you may as well set up an anonymous employee feedback app. This allows you to track your employees’ engagements and identify issues that you may want to address from the get-go.

  1.  Hold meetings less frequently

Business meetings are a key ingredient in modern corporate culture. The results of these meetings will depend on the quality of the discussions, and not on how frequent you will be holding them with your staff.

One thing’s for sure, if your company maintains a text or IM-based communication model, it’s best not to hold meetings more often than you should. Meetings are known especially for killing productivity since they eat up time for more important activities. Holding meetings too often can also reduce employee morale. That being said, it’s important to limit the number of meetings per week.

You may want to call for a huddle as long as it touches on an important and urgent agenda. Invite only the people who have input on the decision and make the goal of the meeting very clear. Otherwise, it will be much more practical to just create an online group where you can communicate with your staff without entirely interrupting their workflow.

  1. Use productivity apps and cloud services

Along with business phone systems such as VOIP for effective customer outreach, you will also need to adopt new technologies that can streamline internal communications to ease up obstacles that are in the way of your staff. This is best done through the use of apps and cloud services.

Apps such as Trello, Keep, and Taskworld are specifically catered towards organizations handling long-term projects. These apps provide for the creation of shareable checklists and feature real-time updating. Your department staff will be able to work seamlessly and are informed of the progress of the work being done.

Cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Apps are also helpful since they allow files to be transferred, shared, and edited freely by anyone in your team. With Google Apps, on the other hand, you can use a chat feature for instant feedback.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.