Mutual Fund Calculator: Calculate Growth, Equivalent Annual Yield

Mutual Funds are gaining popularity day by day among the investors. These are one of the best investment plans which not only give higher returns but also help to save money for income tax purpose. Any individual who is above 18 years of age is eligible for making Mutual Fund investment.

Investing is pretty easy with mutual fund. An investor can make use of Mutual Fund Calculator to calculate the expected profit on the amount invested. These Mutual Fund Calculator can be accessed online that too free of charge.

Before understanding the importance of the mutual fund calculator it is important to understand the different types of returns.

Different kinds of Mutual Fund returns:

Absolute returns: In this kind of returns, the growth or reduction in the investment is expressed in percentage. This kind of mutual fund return calculation is done for the schemes which have tenure < 1 year.

Annualized Returns: In this, the growth of the investment is calculated on yearly basis.

Total Returns: Total return indicated the actual returns earned by the investor on the invested amount. This includes principal gains as well as dividends.

Trailing Returns: It refers to the annualized profit over a standardized time period which ends today.

Point to Point Returns: To calculate these returns investor needs to know the start date and the end date of the scheme. It calculates the returns earned by a mutual fund between two particular dates.

Rolling Returns: Rolling returns represents the average returns earned on the mutual funds for a specific period. The return durations can be calculated on the daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Compound Annual Growth Rate: this method is used to calculate returns of mutual funds where investment is done for a period exceeding 1 year. While calculating returns through this method it is assumed that the funds are increasing at a steady speed.

The manual calculation for calculating CAGR:

CAGR = [(Current NAV/ Beginning NAV) ^ (1/number of years)]-1


Calculating returns manually is not so easy. Moreover, investors may lack the in-depth knowledge of different kinds of returns and the various methods to calculate them. In such cases, use of Mutual Fund Calculator is the best solution.


Mutual Fund Calculator:

A number of Mutual Fund Calculator is available online. An investor can use these calculators to calculate the growth and the annual yield of the invested amount. Using Mutual Fund Calculator is very easy. An investor needs to enter following details:

  • Mutual Fund name
  • Plan selected
  • Dateof returns: fromand to

After this, the investor needs to click on calculate”. The Mutual Fund calculator will do the calculation and give the annualized and absolute returns for the desired period. The calculator can calculate the mutual funds return for a period ranging from 1 week-5 years.

Besides giving the profits/returns on the investment, the Mutual Fund Calculator also helps in calculating:

  • What amount to be invested to earn a specific return?
  • The future worth of the amount invested
  • The time period for which investment should be done.

Types of Mutual Fund Calculators

  1. SIP Calculator: Systematic Investment plan gives the investor an option to invest money on the monthly basis. A pre-decided amount gets deducted from the investors account every month and is invested in the selected plan. The advantage of using SIP is that investor continues with the investment without disturbing monthly financial plan.

The SIP calculator calculates the value of the investment done on basis of the inputs entered by the depositor. The investor needs to enter following details to calculated investment returns by using SIP Calculator:

  • SIP monthly installment amount
  • The expected rate of return
  • The time duration of SIP investment

An important thing to keep in mind is that the calculator gives a result on basis of the details entered by the investor; hence the results may change depending on the market fluctuations.

  1. Lumpsum Calculator:  These calculators are used to calculate returns on the mutual funds with one time investments. The main benefit of using this kind of fund is that the NAV remains the same for all the purchased units. The returns can be calculated by entering following details:
  • The investment amount
  • Estimated ROI
  • Mutual fund scheme tenure
  1. Retirement Calculator: Most of the people do investment keeping in mind their plan for retirement. Manual calculation of the amount needed to live resourceful life after the retirement becomes quite difficult. Retirement Calculators is the solution for this. Details that need to calculate the expected amount that investor needs to invest to live a good retirement life include:
  • Current age and the expected retirement age
  • Monthly expense
  • Rate of inflation
  • Expected returns from the current investment plan till ret

The calculator will give the results on basis of the data entered. This helps the investor to make decisions regarding the retirement plan.

Benefits for using an online Mutual Fund Calculator:

  • Most of the online Mutual Fund Calculators are free. This means there is no fee associated with the use of these calculators.
  • These calculators are easily accessible from any device which has an internet connection.
  • Most of the Mutual Fund Calculators can be used 24/7 FOR 365 DAYS.


  • Mutual Fund Calculator is very reliable as they give accurate results.


  • Use of these calculators helps investors to decide on the amount they want to invest in the Mutual Fund.
  • The calculator also helps the investor in comparing various schemes on basis of the returns. This gives an investor a better picture of various funds.


Precautions to be taken while using Mutual Fund Calculator online:

Using a fund calculator is always advisable before taking any mutual fund investment decision. However, it is important to be careful while using these calculators online. Some of the precautions that need to be followed include:

  1. Avoiding giving personal details. An investor should always be careful while using these investment calculators. The investor should give only the basic details like bank name and address.  Details like account number and other security details should not be mentioned.
  2. Most of the famous fund calculator sites have heavy traffic during busy hours. It is advisable to use these fund calculators at the odd hours. This will save time and the investor can use the calculator easily.

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