Want To Save Your Company Money? Employees Should Avoid Dangerous Intersections

Every year businesses try to find ways to keep their costs low while increasing productivity and efficiency. If you’re a business owner in the Vancouver area that has employees that travel while on the clock, you may be able to save money by simply encouraging to explore alternate routes.

Why It’s Important To Avoid Some of Vancouver’s Most Dangerous Intersections

In the Vancouver area, there are five intersections that are notorious for being the most dangerous intersections in all of Canada and the intersection at Knight Street and SE Marine Drive has even made some international “Top Ten” lists for the worst intersections. With over 1,300 accidents in a four-year period, ICBC names this intersection the most hazardous.

Even though every intersection has the potential to be dangerous for the thousands of motorist who enter and exit them every day, the most dangerous intersections in Vancouver are due several contributing factors like speeding, the failure to yield to the right of way, and even drunk driving. Traffic congestion also plays a significant role in accidents at some of these busy intersections.

So while it may be difficult to avoid some of the worst intersections, here are some reasons why they should be avoided, particularly if you are a business owner

Keeping Your Employees Safer

Whether your employees are commuting to and from work or travel while on the clock, the safety of your employees is important. If an employee is involved in an accident during their commute, they may be late to work or sustain injuries that force them to stay home from work.

If you have an employee that drives for the company or travels while on the clock, an accident may result in injuries that require that you need to file paperwork and claims with Workers’ Compensation.

In the event that your employees are involved in an accident, regardless if on the job or on the way to work, missed days from work can affect productivity, efficiency, and other costs.

Saving Your Company Money

When you discover alternate routes, which avoid some of the most dangerous intersections in Vancouver, for your employees to take while on the job, you can reduce company costs.

Consider some of the contributing factors associated with accidents at intersections. Traffic congestion not only increases the risk of accidents, but it takes motorists longer to get to their destination. If you have an employee driving while on the clock, you may need to end up paying them for overtime.

When your employees take the safer alternate route not only are they less likely to be involved in an accident, but you can save money by not spending money on vehicle repairs or even a replacement. Even if you have good insurance, there’s no guarantee that all costs will be covered.

Additional Tips

While avoiding dangerous intersections can help keep your employees safer and save your company money, you can take additional steps to ensure safety and keeping costs low. Always hire employees with a good driving record and who can drive defensively. You should also provide adequate training and encourage safe driving incentives.

David Jackson

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