Tips for Using Finviz Stock Screener to Find Undervalued Stocks

Using a stock screener can help you find stocks that meet your search criteria much faster than browsing news about companies. Finding these stock picks requires you to have some knowledge of how the trading world works. Finviz is invaluable because it highlights hidden gems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Understanding how to use Finviz and Finviz Futures to find hidden gems will help you feel more in control of your investment ideas. Let’s take a peek at some of the best ways to use Finviz.

Finviz Offers Both Fundamental and Technical Screening Criteria.

Finviz is unique in that it offers both fundamental analysis and technical analysis criteria. This feature means you can see which stocks are trending as a potential undervalued gem, but you can also look under the hood at the company’s balance sheet to see if the pick makes sense. Fundamentals should always be taken into account before you trade and Finviz makes that easy.

Tips for Setting up your Screener.

When it comes to setting up your stock screener, there are a few tips you should follow. For picking stocks with a cursory look at their fundamentals, you should be going for settings that estimate EPS growth through the next five years as positive with a debt/equity ratio under 1. You don’t want to invest in a company that has taken on too much debt, as it could be an early warning sign that the company is not managed correctly and could lead to trouble down the road. Technical indicators like SMA20 above SMA50 and SMA50 above 200 are perfect for finding stocks that are trending upwards over a long-term period. Another good technical indicator for your stock screener is looking at stocks that are close to or near their all-time high. Stocks that are within a few percent of their 52-week highs tend to trend higher.

Bring Everything Together

Since Finviz allows you to search fundamental and technical data within one search, you can find stocks that meet your criteria. You’ll typically be limited to just a few stocks that match your search criteria, which is perfect for day traders and swing traders. Each tab on Finviz holds the relative data, so make sure you’re looking at both the fundamental and technical tabs to get a full picture of how the company is performing. For traders who need to look at IntraDay data, Finviz Elite offers that with real-time search results. The price for Elite can be worth it if you plan to make your money through investment. Finviz data can be divided up into tabs with charts at the forefront, so you can watch the handful of stocks that have been screened for you in real time. Using a stock screener to find picks is the best way to find an undervalued stock that can turn a profit when you trade. You won’t always have success with your stock screener assisted picks, but your success ratio should be higher than your loss ratio if you’re not doing risky investing.

David Jackson

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