Business event marketing

From product launching to charity auctions, when you are organising a business event, you want to make sure that you will draw attention to it, and you will have numerous guests. You decided the date, chose the venue, and ordered the cookies. Now your biggest concern is that people will not show up; and at the event, your employees will be the only guests. In case you do not know what strategies you should use to market a corporate event, in this article you will find the best marketing strategies companies are using right now.


Use event discovery sites in your advantage

The latest studies show that people are always interested in the events that happen in their area, and they are using local guides to find out what events they can attend in the near future. You can reach prospective clients by promoting your event on multiple event discovery sites. People are using apps and websites to browse through the events they may be interested in. You can take advantage of sites like Facebook Events, Spotify or Eventful to let people know that you plan to organise a business event.  

Create an event page

The best way to create buzz around your event is to design it a website page. If you have a company website, you can create a specific page for the event, you plan to organise.

  1. The description of the event should offer details about the place, time and topic of the event. Let the attendees know what advantages and benefits will have if they will choose to be your guests.
  2. Use the event page to share pictures, videos and another type of content to let people know what they could expect from the event. When you create content for the page you use to promote the event, make sure it will offer memories to the viewers because they are the best way to catch their attention.
  3. If you have a famous person who will be a speaker of the night, then you should let the audiences know that they will meet the person that night.

Traditional media still has a great role in marketing events

Businesses tend to ignore traditional media nowadays because they have access to multiple modern tools. If you run a business that gravitates towards social media, it is the moment to make a change and to include television and newspaper in the marketing plan.

Some of your clients may not use social media, and the only way to let them know about your event is to use traditional media. Send a press release to local newspapers. The persons who want to find more about your company will not miss this chance.

Launch a YouTube channel

The companies that want to grow their customers’ base can use this strategy. It will help them reach new clients. YouTube is the second-biggest search engine in the world, after Google, so people are spending a lot of time checking videos.

If you use the YouTube Live feature you can offer people glimpses of what happens inside your company daily, and they will consider your brand customer-friendly. If you do not know what to film to create videos that will be shared on your YouTube channel then you should start with sharing people who your team members are. Offer them sneak peeks from how the products are made or from the creative process. Also, you can offer them tips on how to increase the effectiveness of your products. There are numerous ways to create content for a video page.

Once you have established a reputation on YouTube, you can use it as a promotional tool. Announce the event with the help of a promotional video.

Send pre-event emails

In case you have a list with people you would want to attend your business event, then it is a great idea to send them pre-event emails. The mail is one of the best marketing strategies you can use nowadays. Ask your partners, loyal clients and friends to take part in the event. In case you have another event planned before this one or one of your partners will organise a one, you can use promotional materials to announce yours. You can offer the attendees of these events wristbands to promote your corporate event. They may not pay attention to the message on the wristband when they receive it, but when they will want to take it off, they will definitely want to find more info. Make sure to write the web page of the event on the wristband to help them find details fast.

Find new partners

If you will collaborate with another company, you will have new guests at the party. It is advisable to collaborate with a non-profit organisation that has as a goal to help the local community. In this way, you associate your name with a cause people support and you can expect numerous guests to come to your event. This collaboration will also offer you the opportunity to reach new clients. Make sure that the values of the charity organisation you choose are similar to the ones of your brand.

Hire a professional photograph

If you want your business event to be remembered, you should hire a professional photograph because they will take memorable pictures. These pictures will help you promote your future events and even your products. You can hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products and during the manufacturing process, to help people have a glimpse of what you do. When people are interested in finding details about a certain product or company, they use a search engine. If they have the possibility to check pictures inside the company and with the different stages of the manufacturing process, they will prefer to scroll through the album instead of reading multiple paragraphs.

Pictures are used to tell a story and you should use them to set the vibe for the party and to create the atmosphere. Take pictures of the venue and on the activities you plan to have during the event, it will help you show people what they can expect to experience during the event.


David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.