5 Simple Facts You Should Know About Arranging a Private Jet Charter

Do you need to make a trip and dread the idea of using a commercial airline? Consider the idea of arranging for a private jet charter. The process is easier than you may think and it will certainly simplify your travel plans. From securing your own jet to taking advantage of empty legs to New York and back, here are some things you should know about charter flights. They may help you get an even better deal.

Several Factors Will Affect the Cost

How much does it cost to rent a private jet? Several factors impact the expense. One has to do with the destination that you have in mind. The size of the jet will also make a difference. Requiring certain features and amenities that are above and beyond the basic ones provided will also add to the cost.

When you approach a service, make sure you include information about anything you need along with the destination, the departure and return dates, and even how much space you will need for luggage and other things you are taking along. Doing so will make it easier to identify a charter that’s right for you and happens to be the most cost-effective.

Taking Advantage of Empty Legs Could Save Money

Empty legs is a term that describes a charter jet that has to return to the point of origin without anyone on board. The good news is that if you need to make a quick trip and the charter service happens to have an empty jet going your way, you might be able to enjoy a lower rate.

For example, the charter service has two empty legs to New York that will take off in the next six hours. Can you be ready to take one of those? If so, the service may be willing to offer a discount that allows them to at least cover the cost. They come out better because expenses are offset and you get to save money too.

In terms of empty legs, how much does it cost to rent a private jet? Depending on how flexible you can be about the departure time and the amenities included in the flight, you could enjoy a price that’s much better than you expected.

You Have More Control Over Departure and Return Times

While you do have to be somewhat flexible if you want to take advantage of empty legs to New York, other approaches to renting a private jet allow you a great deal of leeway over departure and return times. That means if you need to be in front of a client tomorrow morning, it’s possible to fly out tonight. Once your meeting is compete, you return to the airport and come home. What could be simpler and a better use of your time?

So if you want to leave in a matter of hours, how much does it cost to rent a private jet? The charter service can match you with an available craft and tell you exactly what the total cost will be. That’s important, since you don’t have to worry about incidental fees and charges appearing on the back end.

You Can Book on Short Notice or Well in Advance

You already know that getting a commercial flight at the last minute is difficult. While you may need to hurry in order to take advantage of empty legs to New York, arranging a typical charter flight can be done in a matter of hours or booked weeks or months in advance. It really depends on your situation and how soon you need to be at the destination.

Depending on the circumstances, how much does it cost to rent a private jet? Expect to pay a little more for last-minute trips, possibly enjoy a lower rate if you can grab an empty leg flight, and maybe get some sort of discount if you book well in advance and are willing to share a charter flight with another party who is flying out the same day you have in mind.

Boarding is a Lot Easier

Whether you are now booked on one of those empty legs to New York or setting up a charter flight in advance, the boarding process will be a lot easier. In many smaller airports, you may be able to have someone drive you right up to the jet. There’s no need to check in at a terminal, walk to a distant gate, and then wait for what seems hours before you can board. Think of the time you can save, not to mention the convenience.

Call a charter service today and ask a few questions. How much does it cost to rent a private jet? What kind of jets are available? How far can I travel on a private jet? Once you have answers to those and other questions, making the arrangements for your trip will be easy.

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