5 Examples of What an Extended Health Care Plan Will Cover

Extended health care plans are designed to provide help with medical expenses that are not covered by provincial plans or traditional group plans. The nice thing about these plans is that it’s possible to set limits on each covered treatment and come up with the ideal combination between your insurance and your EHC plan. Toss in one of the options for HSA accounts by Benecaid and your employees have comprehensive health care that’s hard to beat. Here are some examples of what that EHC plan may cover.

Prescription Medications

It’s not unusual for the range of Benecaid extended health benefits to cover whatever expense for medications your other medical coverage does not cover. In some cases, it may cover medications that are not covered in your other plans at all. This provides more leeway in trying something your doctor believes is right for you without having to worry about how to pay for the medication.

Alternative Treatments Not Usually Covered by Traditional Group Plans

One of the great things about HSA accounts by Benecaid as well as Benecaid extended health benefits is that the plans can be used to help pay for alternative modes of treatment. While traditional insurance plans may not cover the costs of seeing a chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath or even a massage therapist, your EHC and HSA plans will help with the costs. Think of what it means to your quality of life if an adjustment by a chiropractor helps ease neck pain or seeing a massage therapist helps ease anxiety triggered by prolonged exposure to stress.

Private Duty Nursing

It’s great that you can go home to finish your recuperation after surgery or a severe illness. The problem is that your insurance has limited benefits for covering private duty nursing. Since you will need a medical professional who can be with you a good part of each day, it’s nice to know that the resources available through HSA accounts by Benecaid as well as Benecaid extended health benefits will help cover those costs. Instead of worrying about finances, you can concentrate on getting well.

Hearing Exams and Aids

It’s not unusual for people to lose some degree of hearing capability over time. It may be due to prolonged exposure to noise or a side effect of some other type of ailment. Whatever the case, you may find limited or even no benefits for hearing exams or hearing aids in your group insurance plan.

What you will find is that HSA accounts by Benecaid along with Benecaid extended health benefits typically do include benefits for hearing tests and any type of hearing device you need to compensate for a partial loss. That will go a long way toward allowing you to still enjoy all the sounds that have added to your life in years past.

Vision Exams and Corrective Lenses

Just as hearing tests and support are not always part of group insurance plans, eye exams and any type of corrective lenses needed may not be included. Thankfully, HSA accounts by Benecaid as well as Benecaid extended health benefits typically do have provisions for annual vision exams and access to glasses or contact lenses. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to see what’s going on around you once you have the right prescription to compensate for the loss of visual acuity.

Now is a great time to check into what adding an EHC or HSA to your employee benefits package would accomplish. All it takes is one covered event to see how helpful these plans happen to be, and why an employer who choose to make them available is more likely to enjoy a lower employee turnover.

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